Neck Sun Damage

Neck Sun Damage

Neck Sun Damage

What is neck sun damage?

UV or photodamage to the neck is a description of wrinkles and pigment changes from aging and sun exposure. Most of this neck sun damage is done in our early years, but can occur when we sunscreen our faces but forget the neck. The neck also gets forgotten when it comes to applying moisturizing creams and serums that could help reverse some of this damage.

It can appear as redness (Poikiloderma of Civatte (POC) is a condition that is attributable to chronic sun exposure of the neck) and the chest pigmentation (brown spots and patches) and bumping like chicken skin. Horizontal lines are also a common result of aging and UV exposure in the neck area.

neck sun damage

What can be done?

  • IPL Photofacial:  IPL therapy encompasses many all forms of skin conditions, from sun damage and irregular pigmentation to fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and rosacea.
  • Fraxel Dual 1550/1927:
  • Neuromodulators to soften horizontal neck lines and vertical neck cords.

    Fraxel is effective on:

    • Fine lines and wrinkles – like crow’s feet and brow lines
    • Surface scarring – erasing effects of acne and other scarring
    • Pigmentation – minimizing the appearance of age spots
    • Sun damage – helping heal dangerous skin damage
    • Actinic Keratosis (AK) – a common pre-cancerous skin condition

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