Arm & Hand Sun Spots

Arm & Hand Sun Spots

Arm & Hand Sun Spots

What are Sun Spots?

Age spots, sun spots or liver spots can affect any part of the body exposed to ultraviolet radiation and aging. A “farmer’s tan” is achieved when a short-sleeved shirt is constantly worn exposing the forearm and then lower arm to more of the sun’s ravages. Sunspots increase over the years. You may see some sun damage now that you acquired when you were 17 but is just coming to the surface of the skin now.

When your skin is exposed to UV radiation from the sun it produces more melanin (pigment) in order to protect the deeper layers of skin. The more sun your skin gets, the darker the pigment becomes.

Most people remember to put sunscreen on their faces but tend to forget about their arms and hands. This, combined with daily hand washing, leaves the hands vulnerable to the suns harmful rays.

arm and hand sunspots

Results from Fraxel Laser treatments.


What can be done?

To prevent further damage, it is essential to make a daily habit of applying sunscreen to the hands and arms and re-applying if nArm & Hand Sun Spotseeded. Always use a zinc oxide based sunblock. It has the broadest UVA and UVB coverage.

Ultraviolet damage avoidance and sun protection: Skinceuticals’ Physical Fusion UV Defense 50, Sheer Physical UV Defense 50.

To help reduce the sunspots we offer laser and light-based treatments as well as lightening creams. The creams are better for a fair-coloured skin.

Advanced Dermatology website for more information.

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