Thinning Skin

Thinning Skin Thermage treatments

Thinning Skin

What is thinning skin?

Aging and prolonged sun exposure can lead to reduced collagen and elastin creating thinning skin on the face and body. Prolonged corticosteroid use also thins skin. Eating collagen supplements doesn’t help. The collagen molecule is too large to absorb if you swallow it.

Eating the right foods that are rich in anti-oxidants and omega-3 fatty acids helps the body make more collagen. Stimulating your own collagen to grow through skin care with active ingredients and doctor recommended laser and skin treatments is your best solution.

Thinning skin

What can be done?

  • Thermage CPT radiofrequency and the combination of Thermage and Fraxel Laser (ThermaFrax)  treatments increases collagen production and thickens skin.
  • Sculptra – injectable Poly-L-Lactic Acid that works as a filler which helps you grow your own collagen over 3-6 months time.
  • Venus Viva for skin remodeling and collagen stimulation.
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