Undereye Bags

Under eye bags

Undereye Bags

What are undereye bags?

Loose skin and puffiness under the eyes creating a ‘bag’ or ‘pocket’ that may be less noticeable on some days but is basically a permanent fixture. Some causes for occasional puffiness are allergies and sinus infection, sleeping on your side or stomach, rubbing your eyes frequently, going to bed with makeup on and a high salt intake. Undereye bags can also be hereditary.
We have the thinnest skin around our eyes, so it’s the area that’s most influenced by the in-and-out flow of fluids. Excessive drinking which causes dehydration weakens the delicate skin around the eyes can make your under eye area more likely to sink into a pouch.

Eye bags might also be a sign of an underlying medical condition. If your bags appear suddenly and they don’t ease up when you have eliminated the possible causes mentioned above — it’s a good idea to see your doctor as some thyroid or kidney problems can cause under-eye fluid retention.

undereye bagsundereye bags

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What can be done?

In a consultation with one of our aesthetic experts, it will be established if your bags can be easily concealed with the injection of fillers such as Restylane or Belotero® Soft into the tear trough area, camouflaging the groove that accentuates the bags. Your age, skin laxity and the current amount of puffiness will be taken into consideration. If there is an excessive amount of loose skin or if there is a risk of the puffiness worsening, Dr. Frame may instead suggest tightening the area with a Thermage CPT eye treatment.

Undereye bags can also be caused by the cheek fat pad depleting or sliding down with aging and gravity. Often a treatment of cheek enhancement can help disguise the puffiness.

undereye bags

If a surgical solution would be your best alternative, then a lower lid blepharoplasty would be recommended.


This was my first time seeing anyone about filler for my deep tear troughs. I was nervous about getting filler and looking “done.” The staff were very patient and entertained my plethora of questions. My consultation with Nadine was very pleasant and she gave me a rundown of what she envisioned for me, taking into consideration what I was comfortable with and my budget. I was only in for a consultation but decided to move forward with the procedure. Dr. Frame was extremely friendly and I really enjoyed his bedside manner. I struggle with acne also and both Nadine and Dr. Frame seemed keen on helping me with my skin. Dr. Frame answered all of my questions about my options and was very thorough in his inquiries about my health. I truly felt like I was in good hands. I also really appreciated that there was a second set of eyes during the entire process and that Dr. Frame took my suggestions into consideration. Lastly, and probably most importantly, I didn’t feel pressured to do more than what I was comfortable with. Nadine explained the importance of a cheek filler as a base for the tear trough filler. After seeing the finished results, I definitely see how important this was! Overall, this was a very positive first time experience with filler and I am very happy with my decision to go to Dr. Frame as my research was based purely on what was available on the internet. I would highly recommend this doctor and this clinic! I am very pleased with my results and am amazed at what a difference I am seeing! I look forward to the follow-up!

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