Wide Face & Jawline

Wide Face & Jawline

Wide Face & Jawline

A wide face and jawline can be the result of overactive jaw muscles – from tension, conscious or sub-conscious bruxism (teeth grinding) or genetics. For some, the overdeveloped and taught jaw muscles have a widening and hyper-masculine squaring effect. While women find a square jaw unattractive, even men with an overly square jaw may feel self-conscious.

What causes a wide face and jawline?

The muscles activated by chewing – the masseter muscles in the lower jaw and the temporalis muscles in the upper jaw – can affect the overall shape of the face and apparent contour of the jawline. These extremely strong muscles can become overdeveloped from clenching, teeth grinding and even frequent gum chewing, but in many cases, a strong jawline is genetic. Regardless of the cause, there are treatments for a wide face and jawline.

Jaw reduction treatments for a narrower face

If you’ve considered jaw shaving or jaw reduction treatments in Vancouver, you’ll be happy to know that there are alternatives to jaw reduction surgery. Non-invasive treatments for thinning the jawline do exist and can soften the jawline and narrow the face dramatically, particularly in cases where jaw widening is an effect of long-standing bruxism or clenching.

Jaw reduction surgery

In jaw reduction surgery, an incision may be made inside (intraoral) or outside the mouth to give the surgeon access to the mandible. The outside of the mandible is shaved, narrowing the jawline. As with any surgical procedure, there are risks. The risks associated with jaw reduction are a hematoma, facial nerve injury, postoperative trismus (lockjaw) and inferior alveolar nerve injury, which may result in loss of sensation in the lower teeth, the chin and lower lip (we do not offer jaw reduction surgery at our clinic, we only offer non-surgical alternatives).

Botox ® jaw reduction

Whether overdeveloped jaw muscles, chronic teeth grinding, or genetics have caused a wide face and jaw, treatments with injectable neuromodulators, cause the muscles to relax, softening the jawline and narrowing the face. As a bonus, the softening of upper jaw muscles may make the cheekbones appear more pronounced – a desirable side-effect for many.

Studies have suggested that the results of jawline thinning injections increase until they hit peak reduction at about 12 weeks post-treatment. Three treatments per year may be necessary to maintain the appearance of a thinned jawline.

Wide Face & Jawline

(Results vary by individual patient and  results cannot be guaranteed)

The effectiveness of neuromodulators for lower face contouring

In a study published in 2003 of 45 patients who underwent lower face contouring, 36 patients said they were satisfied with the results. The preliminary study concluded that “neuromodulators for contouring of the lower face can be established as a simple, predictable, alternative facial contouring procedure without a prolonged recovery time”.

In a Brazilian study of the effects on masseter (lower jaw muscle) hypertrophy, neuromodulators had a noticeable thinning effect on the jawline and 80% of patients said they would like to repeat the treatment.

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