Soprano Ice Platinum for Laser Hair Removal

Any laser that has ICE in its name sounds good to me. If you’ve experienced Laser Hair Removal you’ll know that there can be too much heat and too much pain but you bear through it because you are so desperate to not have to deal with excess hair anymore.  It’s all different now, with Soprano ICE Platinum.

Why the Soprano ICE Platinum?

We’ve had several hair removal lasers in our clinic and while they were all effective, most people struggled with the discomfort level of the treatment. (Especially near the private bits.)

We needed something effective but based in a technology that somehow made it faster and more pleasant. Whether you have light, dark or tanned skin, coarse or fine hair, Soprano ICE Platinum targets unwanted hair at multiple levels for great results, and it’s safe, quick and best of all – virtually painless.

It works by sending light energy from the laser torch down the hair follicles through the skin. The laser light heats the follicle and causes permanent damage, disabling its ability to grow. It works on all skin types and is most effective on lighter skin with dark hair but can reduce any hair that still has some colour in it. It even has a tiny headpiece for ears and hard to reach areas.

Why doesn’t it hurt?

The handpiece has a cold sapphire tip which cools the surface of the skin and minimizes the risk of burns while maintaining heat within the deeper layers of skin where hair follicles are treated.

A layer of cool ultrasound gel is applied and the technician moves the handpiece quickly and in patterns over the skin. The Soprano ICE Platinum doesn’t stay in one spot for more than a split second unlike most ‘stamping’ methods so your brain doesn’t register discomfort.

What is the same for laser hair removal across the board is the number of treatments you‘ll likely need.

Quick review – Hair follicles have 3 phases:

Anagen (active growing phase), Catagen (preparing for resting) and Telogen (resting and shedding) and follicles can only be destroyed in the growing phase.

At any given time, approximately only 20% of follicles are in the growing phase which is why we need to consistently treat the area every 4-6 weeks to catch them all in the growth stage at some point. You’ll start to see about a 20% reduction each treatment and you will need 6 -10 sessions to get all the hair with possibly a yearly follow up treatment.

Miss an appointment and you need to get right back in so as not to lose the only effective follicle –destroying phase.

The hair that has been affected continues to grow out after each treatment and then falls out so don’t worry, it has not grown back. It’s moving into its shedding stage. You’ll see patchy regrowth over the following few weeks so you can shave again after 1 week and then again before your next treatment.


I can’t emphasize this enough; DO NOT PLUCK, WAX or REMOVE any follicles during your entire process. Shave only, even if it’s on your face. Yes women, I said shave your face… it won’t matter as that hair will be gone soon enough. Every hair you remove will be a hair that can’t be treated at your next session. Remember, the laser sees the pigment in the hair and runs down the follicle to damage it. No hair, no removal.

Be consistent, make your next appointment before you leave, you can always move it and you will get your results as quickly as possible.

Nothing to be afraid of with the Soprano ICE Platinum…let’s do this thing!

By M. Wally
Age is a state of mind, Aging is a treatable condition.

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