Summer ~ The damage is done but we can help!

IPL Photofacial Vancouver

Take a good look in your magnified mirror, you know the one that shows you every enlarged pore and chin hair that only your friends under forty can spot.
Now take a scan of your skin, ‘post’ summer holidays.
Have you noticed a few extra brownish spots that weren’t there in May? Perhaps there are some new tiny red veins on your cheeks from those days out on that boat or maybe your skin now has that “acid wash jeans look” from dehydration.

Never fear my friend, we can help reverse some of that damage!
Fall, winter and spring are your best times for IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatments, simply because you can’t be tanned when you have this treatment. So if you overdid it this summer, wait a few months until your tan fades.
IPL is one of the best things you can do for your skin in order to slow down or even reverse the aging process.
How it works:
Pulses of high energy light are sent into the skin, convert into heat and travel through to the area where there is the most melanin, meaning browns and reds. These areas are then “toasted” and the spots turn a highly attractive, dirt brown color but will flake off in 4-10 days and can be covered with makeup in the meantime. When the light reaches the reds, the blood in the vessels coagulates and your immune system takes it away within about 2 weeks.
How many treatments you will need really depends of the amount of damage you have and what kind of damage it is. Sometimes the sunspots will be mostly gone in 2 strong treatments but the reds tend to come back. So my best advice is to ALWAYS buy the money saving package. Even if your skin has cleared in a just a few treatments, the continued collagen stimulation and touch ups you will need will be covered and you can use the last few treatments later through the year when you see your results start to fade.
Remember the key with IPL is the same with all anti-aging treatments – keep them up!
It’s much more difficult to reverse damage than it is to maintain a good result.
At the Anti-Aging Clinic, our price for a single treatment of IPL is $450 but the package price of 4 treatments is $1400 with a $400 savings.

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