PicoWay, a laser so fast is measured in picoseconds (a trillionth of a second). The ultra-fast speed and it’s photoacoustic properties allow it to treat a broader range of skin types/colours and tattoos. In most cases, topical numbing isn’t required as the treatments and nearly pain-free (except for tattoo removal).

Laser Tattoo Removal

If you have a tattoo that you’re ready to remove, the targeted PicoWay Laser System may be just right for you. PicoWay works by shattering tattoo ink into minuscule particles. The advanced PicoWay technology is highly effective, removing a broad range of ink colours, including difficult-to-remove blue and green ink. Learn more.

Skin Rejuvenation

The PicoWay system delivers high peak power and the shortest pulse durations for a non-thermal photoacoustic effect that transforms the skin from inside out. With this innovative laser we are able to:

  • Significantly improve acne scars and wrinkles with a series of quick, 15-20 minute treatments, with low to no downtime.
  • Treat a range of dark spots and moles with flexibility in depth and spot size.

Learn more.