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Treatment overview

Dermal Fillers

Ageing is something we appreciate, but some of the signs that manifest in our faces distress us. So if you are looking to appear less tired, more youthful, healthier and restored then dermal fillers may be an option for you. Dermal fillers restore, rejuvenate and correct. You can achieve natural results with a customized treatment plan. Celebrate the life you live, looking and feeling the best of you.

Price range: $500+ per vial. See pricing details

Recommended number of sessions: 1-2

Treatment duration: Approximately 30 minutes

Required maintenance: Every 12 months

The benefits

Enjoy a healthier looking face

Skin rejuvenation for wrinkles, lines and folds

  • The hyaluronic fillers used by Anti-aging’s expert injectors provide you with a softening of facial fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Fillers restore the volume of deflated areas on the face such as cheeks, temples, jawline and nasolabial folds to reduce sagging effect offering you a naturally healthy look.
  • Fillers injected by introfil will stimulate collagen and increase the glow of your skin. You can enjoy beautiful skin restored naturally with Anti-aging’s unique Renaissance filler combination.
  • Static lines that are deep can be smoothed out offering you a less angry or tired face.
  • Deep scars can be lifted with dermal fillers.

For volume and contouring

  • Tear trough - under eye fillers
  • Facial Volume includes facial contouring for cheeks ,temples and jawline
  • Hands
  • Lips
  • Nose bridge


  • Non-surgical, non-invasive treatments
  • Little to no downtime
  • Quick and safe procedure

How it works

Builds Natural Looking Volume

Dermal fillers work by boosting your skin’s natural supply of hyaluronic acid (HA). While there are many types of dermal fillers, they all work to build natural-looking volume in a controlled manner.

HA dermal filler is a sugar molecule existing in almost all living organisms. Your body produces it naturally to retain moisture in the tissues. Dermal filler is a synthetic gel that mimics these mechanisms to replenish volume loss in targeted areas while promoting collagen production. This volume manipulation allows our skilled professionals to contour the face and hands, restoring your youthful, supple appearance.

Other derma filler options are poly-L-lactic acid and calcium hydroxyapatite. When planning your treatment, the best option for your particular areas of concern will be determined.

I got my lips filled here for the first time and I am OBSESSED… I’m a very happy girl.

M Em Dermal Fillers

I have been a client of this beautiful clinic since 2018 and have had three dermal filler treatments with good results.

Anonymous Dermal Fillers

Dr. Frame has always been very conscientious and mindful of my anti-aging needs especially with fillers!

Anonymous Dermal Fillers

I would like to thank Dr Frame for his expertise in injecting fillers. I am very happy with my result.


JK Dermal Fillers

Did the treatment right away using hyaluronic acid for wrinkle and facial filler. Great, very happy with the results.

Anonymous Dermal Fillers

Dr. Frame is an expert in fillers… After having a bad experience in the past, I will not go to anyone else other than Dr.Frame.

Anonymous Dermal Fillers

I was very nervous about getting fillers and possibly becoming unrecognizable, but I’m very happy with the natural results.

Sandra Seary Dermal Fillers

Before + after


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The treatment experience

Planning Your Dermal Filler Treatment

Your experience begins with a consultation with one of our expert staff. Together, we’ll create a treatment plan that best suits your needs. We review your concerns, expectations, skincare regimen, price estimates, and your relevant medical history during your session. This information helps ensure you get the results you’re looking for with realistic expectations. Skin treatments are 100% personalized and can vary in strength, the number of sessions, and the combination of treatments.

Our Process

Your Guide to Dermal Fillers

Step 01

Before the Treatment

The week before your treatment, avoid red wine and anti-inflammatories, such as Advil and ibuprofen to avoid unnecessary bruising.

Step 02

During the Treatment

Before your treatment, numbing cream can be applied to the skin, or lidocaine can be injected for your comfort. During the injection, you may experience some pressure at and around the injection area.

Step 03

After the Treatment

You may experience redness and swelling in the injection area, which will subside in 24–48 hours.


What is the Cost of Dermal Fillers?

The cost of our dermal filler treatments varies from $500 and up per syringe. Pricing is typically determined during your initial consultation with us.

For best results, your injector will give you the best recommendation to maintain your look for as long as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

 You should not have dermal filler injections if you:

  • Have cutaneous disorders, inflammation, or an infection at or near the treatment site.
  • Are known to have hypersensitivity to lidocaine and/or amide local anesthetic agents, hyaluronic acid, or a history of severe allergy or anaphylactic shock.
  • Have  autoimmune diseases.
  • You are pregnant or breastfeeding.

The most common areas, which dermal fillers treat are:

  • Forehead wrinkles
  • Temples
  • Crow’s feet
  • Upper cheek and cheeks
  • Nasogenian folders (lines from the bottom of your nose to the sides of your mouth) 
  • Lip contour
  • Lip corners
  • Lip volume
  • Marionette lines
  • Fine lines and wrinkles 
  • Facial oval 

Dermal fillers are relatively painless if performed by a professional trained, skilled, and experienced injector. All dermal filler procedures are simple and last up to 30 minutes. However, the dermal filler procedure varies from person to person, concerns, and severity of the treated area.

Typically, the results are seen instantly. Your results will gradually improve over the course of 2–4 weeks after your treatment.

Your dermal filler results may last between 9–18 months, depending on the type of dermal filler used and the treated area. Also, the longevity of your dermal filler results varies from person to person and the severity of the area being treated. For optimal results, your desired look can be maintained over a long period through regular, repeated treatments.

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