Hair Removal for Men

Hair removal for men

Hair Removal for Men

If you are a man with unwanted body hair and you want long-term hair removal so you can stop the plucking, shaving and waxing that is often painful and time-consuming, laser hair removal may be the treatment that solves your hair problems.

Anti-Aging Medical & Laser Clinic uses advanced Elos laser hair removal technology.

How Hair Removal for Men Works with the Elos System

Combining radio frequency and light energy, Elos creates a thermal path that targets the hair follicle precisely, destroying hair where it germinates. Elos is safe, quick, effective and a more comfortable hair removal treatment than other forms of hair reduction. Elos uses more targeted energy that doesn’t damage surrounding tissue and creates little discomfort for the patient. Other hair removal systems target the melanin in the hair shaft, indirectly, imprecisely damaging the hair follicle in the hopes that it will produce less hair.

No hair removal system can remove all unwanted hair, but the Elos hair removal system does reduce hair growth because the hair follicle is directly targeted and doesn’t depend on the presence of melanin-like most other laser hair removal systems. With each treatment, 15% of hair is removed and with each subsequent treatment, less hair will grow back. Elos hair removal, unlike IPL and other laser hair removal treatments, may be used for any hair type regardless of colour.

6-10 treatments are recommended. With each subsequent treatment, you’ll notice less hair growing back.

Hair Removal Treatment Areas for Men

Elos hair reduction treatments can be performed almost anywhere a man has unwanted body hair:

  • back
  • neck
  • chest
  • abdomen
  • underarms
  • arms and legs
  • pelvic area (the full monty)
  • buttocks
  • feet

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Men’s Hair Removal Consultation

If you are a man who is tired of plucking, shaving, waxing. If you’ve tried other hair removal treatments that haven’t worked, or, if you’ve been told you can’t be treated because of your hair type, then the Elos hair removal system may be right for you.

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