Microdermabrasion for Men

microdermabrasion for men

Microdermabrasion for Men

Anti-Aging Medical & Laser Clinic provides microdermabrasion treatments for men. Microdermabrasion removes the dead outermost layer of skin revealing fresh, new, unblemished skin beneath. While some microdermabrasion treatments use corrosive salt or alum oxide crystals, we use a diamond-tipped microdermabrasion wand that doesn’t add harsh, foreign particles to the skin. Our microdermabrasion is a quick and relaxing treatment similar to a facial.

Microdermabrasion can help men’s skin by:

  • Improving skin tone
  • Smoothing skin texture
  • Removing dead, dull and damaged skin
  • Stimulating collagen production
  • Stimulating elastin production
  • Providing overall rejuvenation that leaves skin refreshed, healthier and younger looking

Why More Men Having Microdermabrasion Treatments

While men want to maintain their rugged or masculine aesthetic, more men are realizing the benefits of skin treatments like microdermabrasion because skin care for men is becoming as acceptable as any male grooming habit. The reality is, that men, more than women, may need skin care regimens to alleviate skin damage wrought by neglect. Traditionally, women care for their skin while men have mostly neglected their skin — often for their entire lives. Because of this neglect, men frequently have rough, pitted, blemished and uneven skin tone as they age. Masculine does not have to mean old and unhealthy looking.

Am I a Good Candidate for Microdermabrasion?

If you are a man that wants to smoothen skin tone, rejuvenate and refresh his skin for a healthier, younger-looking complexion, microdermabrasion may be appropriate for you. If you have rosacea, active acne, or other active skin problems, you may not be a candidate for microdermabrasion, though there are many other skin treatment options available.

How Microdermabrasion Works

Microdermabrasion is the perfect lunchtime treatment for the busy man. A microdermabrasion treatment lasts approximately 30 minutes. Men generally require 4 treatments approximately 2 weeks apart. A diamond-tipped microdermabrasion wand gently abrades the skin, removing the dead, damaged surface layer. After the treatment, soothing moisturizers are applied to hydrate and soothe your skin. Your skin may appear pink and may tingle for a few hours after the treatment.

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Complimentary Men’s Microdermabrasion Consultation

If you are a man that wants to improve skin texture and rejuvenated his skin for a healthier, youthful appearance, microdermabrasion may be right for you.

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Shelley has always given me great service and that hasn’t changed. I’m finding that my skin just after 2 Microdermabrasions with the peel, my pores are looking smaller and my skin, in general, is looking finer. I have two more treatments which I look forward to and can’t wait to see how much more improvement I will see. I think I will try to continue this treatment on a regular basis. I believe it is recommended that I come in every 3 months now for this treatment once having 4 treatments close together.

Jacquie F. Retired
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