(Results of PuraPlas vary by individual patient and  results cannot be guaranteed)

If you are in Vancouver and looking for smooth, younger-looking skin, consider PuraPlas (Formerly SELPHYL)  — an injectable system for smoothing skin and restoring lost volume, subtly and naturally. Some people refer to it as the “Vampire Facelift” because a small amount of the patient’s blood is taken, spun and the platelets and plasma are separated from the red and white blood cells. By adding a precise amount of calcium chloride, a gel-like matrix is created and injected back into the areas the patient wants to have corrected. Kim Kardashian’s on-screen experience of receiving a ‘Vampire Lift’ facial treatment created a stir about the cosmetic procedure.

What are the benefits?

  • Areas that are difficult to treat with hyaluronic fillers such as tear troughs, hands and neck can be safely and effectively improved with PuraPlas.
  •  There is virtually no risk of allergic reaction and no allergic reactions have been reported to date. The PuraPlas® System is used to rapidly collect and isolate a patient’s own PRP for injection and contains no animal or synthetic products.
  • High degree of purity
  • Reproducibility of the treatment
  • Confidence in knowing exactly what is being injected

How long does the procedure take?

The entire procedure takes about 30-40 minutes to perform.

How many treatments are needed?

The number of treatments needed depends on each individual patient and the desired outcome. As a stand-alone therapy, Dr. Gidon Frame recommends a series of three injection sessions spaced from four to six weeks apart for optimal results. A yearly follow-up treatment is also recommended to maintain your results.

Is the treatment painful?

There may be some temporary discomfort during the injections, and occasional redness and bruising immediately following the treatment that resolves quickly. A numbing cream is applied to increase the comfort of the treatment.

How much downtime will I need?

The amount of social downtime depends on the area being treated. If you are treating your tear trough area, are over 45 and have loose skin, you can count on 2-3 days of extreme swelling. The best method is to ‘flood’ the area with your platelets which can mean a full 3 cc syringe under each eye, creating a pocket of fluid that will disperse over several days. All other areas may have 1-2 days of minor swelling and or, bruising.

How long before I see results?

Although there may be some noticeable improvement once the initial swelling goes down, it can take up to 3 months for the collagen to grow and full results are seen.

How long does it last?

The longevity of the results of PuraPlas® treatments vary based on the extent of the procedure, areas treated, and the number of sessions. Most patients report their results lasting from 1-4 years. Healthy lifestyle and proper skin care are also keys to maintaining and extending your results.

(Results vary by individual patient and  results cannot be guaranteed)

Pre and Post Treatment Instructions:

  • Do not touch or massage the treated area, especially if you have PuraPlas placed under your eyes. The platelets will absorb slowly over the next few days.
  • To minimize post-treatment bruising and bleeding, avoid red wine, Aspirin, Advil, Motrin, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, and other blood thinners the day before the treatment.
    • Avoid drinking red wine 2 days before treatment.
    • Avoid taking 1 week before the treatment: Don quai, evening primrose oil, ginkgo leaf, ginger, garlic, ginseng, feverfew.
  • If you have had PuraPlas ‘painted’ on the surface of your skin as in after a Fraxel Laser treatment, do not wash your face until the next morning if possible.
  • You may wash your face, use makeup and return to your normal activities the day after you have had the treatment.
    1. Prior to injection, please notify us if you have a rash or infection near or at the planned injection site as we will need to reschedule your treatment.
    2. Tylenol is OK to use. Please notify us if you are using prescription or non-prescription blood thinners.  Bruising is most common around the eyes.  I make every effort to avoid bruising, but there are several small vessels in this area. Bruising is usually minimal and may take around 2 weeks to resolve.  Please avoid caffeine the day of the procedure for more comfort.

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