Transgender F2M Masculinization

Transgender F2M Masculinization

When transitioning from female to male, one of the challenges is achieving more typically male facial traits. Anti-Aging Medical & Laser Clinic offers Vancouver F2M transgender people several non-surgical masculinization treatments that can make your face appear more masculine without surgery and requiring little if any, downtime.

Cosmetic treatments for F2M transgender people include:

  • Jawline Contouring.
  • Chin Shaping.
  • Brow Shaping.
  • Nose Augmentation.
  • Lip Contouring and/or Augmentation.

All human faces begin as somewhat androgynous in appearance until testosterone changes that in puberty for those genetically born males. It is at that time that facial features develop more typically masculine traits, becoming stronger and more angular.

Jawline contouring

If you are undergoing hormone therapy, you may notice facial changes over time such as a “squaring” of the face shape which is perceived as a more masculine characteristic. Until that time, or if it doesn’t happen, squaring your jawline can be done in one, 30-minute treatment with safe, natural injections of dermal fillers such as Juvederm,or Restylane. Widening of the mandibular area, the back of your jawline, just under your ears, strengthens the look of your jaw.

Chin shaping

Women tend to have pointier chins and achieving a more male-looking chin will require a treatment that has a widening effect. Dermal fillers placed on either side of the chin can create a squarer, wider contour. If your chin is recessed, the filler can be placed toward the front of the point to make your chin appear more forward.

Masculine chin

Masculine chin

Feminine chin and jawline

Feminine chin and jawline

Brow Shaping

The typical, heavy male brow can be created with dermal fillers placed under the eyebrow hair. Your eyebrows themselves may grow more hair if you are taking testosterone, but if they don’t, a product we carry for growing eyelashes should help thicken the brow.

Nose augmentation

Men’s nose bridges tend to be more prominent and more angular. Non-surgical nose augmentation can also be achieved simply and quickly with dermal fillers.

Lip augmentation

The male mouth tends to have thinner lips but if you were born with full, luscious lips, just be grateful. If you take a look at any magazine that names the sexiest men alive, you will notice that most of them have fuller lips. Many men try dermal fillers in their lips and are amazed at how much they like it.

The benefits of non-surgical treatments

If you don’t like the results of cosmetic treatments they can be dissolved or will be absorbed in 6-12 months depending on which filler has been used.

With hormone therapy, changes occur gradually and this may take longer than you are comfortable with. Getting the look you want sooner will help you emotionally and socially as you adjust to your new identity.

All products used at our Vancouver clinic are temporary and safe. Hyaluronic acid, the main ingredient in most dermal fillers, is found in your own body so there is no risk of your body rejecting it.


You will be comfortable here. Dr. Gidon Frame has had many transgender patients in his over 20 years as a general practitioner and our staff are mature, friendly and professional. Our highly trained technicians understand the subtle changes required to help you achieve the face shape and look you have always wanted. Contact us for a complimentary consultation. 604-261-9121

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