Venus Viva and Diamond Polar

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Venus Viva and Diamond Polar

If you are looking for comfortable but effective skin resurfacing treatment in Vancouver — with little or no downtime — Anti-Aging Medical & Laser Clinic offers the Venus Viva TM and the Viva Diamond Polar TM. Venus Viva improves the appearance of wrinkles, loose skin, acne, surgical scarring, rosacea, active acne, pigmentation, melasma, and stretch marks. The Venus Viva is an all-in-one skin rejuvenation solution.

Venus Viva also treats loose skin, wrinkles, surgical scarring, rosacea, pigmentation, and stretch marks.

What is the Venus VivaTM?

The Viva is a non-invasive but ablative (removal of soft tissue) treatment, combining NanoFractional radio-frequency and a Smart Scan technology to remodel and resurface skin. The handpiece delivers energy through the skin in a “stamping” technique (similar to the IPL), generating heat while stimulating fibroblasts and rebuilding collagen.

Venus Viva treats both the surface skin layer (epidermis) and deeper skin tissue (dermis), unlike some technologies which are only able to remove (and damage) more surface skin. The result: maximum benefits with minimal discomfort.

Smart Scan Technology keeps the patient comfortable by releasing energy to the handpiece in patterns so the full strength of the treatment is not felt all at once. Results of every treatment are tighter skin, improved skin texture, minimized pores and a more even skin tone.

(Results vary by individual patient and results cannot be guaranteed)

What is the Viva Diamond Polar TM?

The Viva Diamond Polar — a special Venus Viva handpiece — uses radio frequency and magnetic pulses that stimulate the generation of new collagen and elastin fibres over a period of time (recommended 6 sessions for the face/neck and 8-10 for the body). Diamond Polar treatments are very comfortable (no anaesthetic cream required) with well-tolerated post-treatment skin warmth and redness which subsides in hours. The Viva Diamond Polar is a skin tightening device which can be used on its own or as a compliment and boost to the Venus Viva.

Benefits of the Venus Viva

  • Most skin resurfacing requires days to weeks of downtime. The Venus Viva allows you to continue with your daily activities immediately after treatments. Any redness that occurs will only last a few days and can easily be covered with makeup.
  • Can treat all skin types.
  • No pain medications needed, just a topical anaesthetic cream is used.
  • Can be used on any part of the body (except eyelids and lips).

venus viva before and after face

(Results vary by individual patient and  results cannot be guaranteed)

Am I a good candidate?

Please notify Dr. Frame and your technician if you have any of the following possible exclusions for treatment:

  • Pacemaker or internal defibrillator or any other active implant in the body.
  • Current or history of any kind of cancer or pre-cancerous moles.
  • Permanent implant in the treatment area such as metal plates and screws.
  • Severe concurrent conditions such as cardiac disorders.
  • Pregnancy and nursing.
  • Impaired immune system.
  • Herpes Simplex (a prescription for Valtrex can be supplied by Dr. Frame).
  • Any active condition in the treatment areas such as sores, psoriasis, eczema, rash.
  • Poorly controlled diabetes.
  • History of abnormal healing such as keloid scarring.
  • Blood thinners.
  • Facelift or eye lift surgery within a year of treatment.
  • Facial resurfacing, dermabrasion or deep chemical peeling within the last 3 months.
  • Use of Accutane within 6 months prior to treatment.
  • Excessive tanning from the sun, tanning beds or self-tanning creams within 2 weeks of the treatment.

Before the treatment

Do not use anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen one week before or after your treatments. The inflammation created by the Venus Viva and the Viva Diamond Polar is part of the process of stimulating new collagen.

A series of before photos will be taken and a consent form will be reviewed and signed. Your makeup will be removed and your skin will be cleansed and wiped with alcohol. You may be asked to remove your jewellery (earrings and necklace).

What happens during the treatment?

A layer of specially compounded numbing cream will be applied to the area/s being treated. This will remain on your skin for up to one hour to ensure your comfort. (For skin tightening with the Viva Diamond Polar, a thin layer of gel will be applied to allow easy gliding of the applicator but no numbing cream is necessary.) You will feel prickling and heat and on some areas a similar sensation to an elastic band snapping on your skin but the strength of the procedure is customized, so the technician can alter settings to keep you comfortable.

Treatment time: approximately 30 – 60 minutes.

After the treatment

Shortly after the treatment, there will be moderate redness and some slight swelling of the treated zone in patterns the size of the treatment tip. The redness should stop after a few hours, and the swelling should go down within 12-24 hours. Be sure to apply only the products given to you by your technician. Do not use any product that exfoliates (e.g. glycolic or salicylic acids, retinol) or a cleansing device such as the Clarisonic for one week. Just let your skin heal naturally. You may experience itchiness, which is part of the healing process and can be helped with an over-the-counter allergy pill if you wish or by applying hydrocortisone cream. Do not scratch or pick at the treatment sites. After about 24-72 hours, you will notice small pinpoint crusts in each spot where the electrode pins of the treatment head contacted the skin. These will naturally resolve and can easily be covered with makeup.

Recovery time: Little or no downtime required. You may be more comfortable taking a few days of social downtime while post-treatment effects resolve.

Acne scars before and after:

venus viva before and after acne scars

(Results vary by individual patient and  results cannot be guaranteed)

How many Venus Viva TM treatments will I need?

The number of treatments you can have is limitless. Venus Viva treatments are most effective when done as a series of treatments, with at least 3 treatments being completed, usually in 4-6 week intervals. Multiple treatments are needed for full benefit and you will continue to see your improvements develop, becoming more and more noticeable 2-6 months after your series at the Vancouver Anti-Aging Medical & Laser Clinic is completed.

Patients requiring deeper skin resurfacing may need up to six treatments to achieve desired results. Each handpiece tip is programmed for 3 regular treatments. After your first treatment, we store the tip with your name on it and use it again on your second treatment, and then on your third, until it runs out. If your concern is acne scarring or deep wrinkles, you may need several passes in one treatment which may mean that your tip lasts for two full treatments. You will receive the same benefit either way. A series of 3 treatments every 1-2 years help maintain results.

venus viva before and after face

(Results vary by individual patient and  results cannot be guaranteed)

For severe Rosacea:

venus viva before and after rosacea

(Results vary by individual patient and  results cannot be guaranteed)

Other skin treatment options

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