Anti-Aging Blog: What You Need to Know About Fraxel Laser Skin Treatments

What You Need to Know About Fraxel® Laser Skin Treatments

Have you been thinking about Fraxel® laser skin treatments after the New Year? Don’t wait much longer because early spring is your last chance to get your skin ready before stepping out this summer looking your very best.

Fraxel® Laser Skin Treatments

Fraxel® is the first non-ablative (no open wounds) fractional skin resurfacing device approved by the FDA and is highly recommended to treat skin discolouration and textural problems such as acne scars and stretch marks.

Targeting only a fragment of the skin at a time, Fraxel® laser technology works by delivering multiple laser pinpoints to control damage in targeted areas while leaving healthy tissue between the burned areas intact. To encourage new skin to grow, this type of laser creates micro-injuries in your skin to trigger a healing reaction in your body for generating new collagen and elastin.

Fraxel® laser skin treatments offer significant, long-lasting improvement and are best suited for light skin types or Fitzpatrick skin type 1 – 4. It provides effective results with minimal downtime, and typically after 3 to 4 sessions the treatments can reduce pore size by up to 70%.

The treatments may take years off your appearance by minimizing unwanted skin issues and results are permanent if the correct maintenance is followed. Sunscreen is vital and will ensure that the corrections last, however, as we all continue to age the rejuvenated look will fade.

If you have eczema, acne, or moderate to severe rosacea, you may not be suitable for this type of treatment and if you have a history of keloidal, hypertrophic scarring or vitiligo, fractional laser therapy is generally not suggested since it may worsen these conditions.

Fraxel® DUAL – Two Skin Lasers In One

The Fraxel® DUAL laser has two wavelengths and is actually two lasers combined into one. The 1927 wavelength targets discoloration from hyperpigmentation, brown spots, age spots, and pre-cancer spots, and reduces discoloration caused by sun damage, aging and general wear and tear. The 1550 wavelength goes deeper into the skin and smooths texture caused by wrinkles, fine lines, acne scars, stretch marks and surgical scars.

Fraxel® DUAL is a non-surgical option that usually takes 3 to 5 sessions spaced four to six weeks apart. Although treatments are not cheap, they are well worth your money. Each session requires a new disposable tip that is designed specifically for your one session and annual sessions are often recommended.


Prior to your treatment be sure to keep out of the sun because suntanned skin is damaged skin with pigment that would be targeted unnecessarily. Avoid red wine, blood thinners, exfoliants and stop retinoids a few days prior to your treatment and only return to them once your skin has settled.

What to Expect

The treatments can be uncomfortable or a little painful, so a topical anesthetic is applied for an hour beforehand or oral pain medication is provided, with a secured ride home. We often recommend using platelets to enhance recovery, which is painted on immediately post-treatment. In a few days the skin will slough off, leaving fresh, smooth and beautiful new skin, and a rosy glow can remain for an extended period of up to two weeks.


The swelling will last a few days, which can be reduced with ice and antihistamines. After the treatment elevating your head will help reduce swelling and drain fluids from your face and eyes. Cold compresses or ice packs on your face help with the tingling, heat sensation and offer relief. You’ll find that most of the swelling occurs first thing in the morning and pinpoint bleeding and oozing can occur and will heal in a couple of days.

Proper aftercare needs to be followed after any treatment and remember to stay out of direct sun for at least a month. Good quality sunscreen with an SPF30 or higher is also an absolute must to protect your new skin from the sun and infrared damage as well as environmental damage. Keep the treated areas clean with a gentle cleanser and avoid smoke, excessive exercise and swimming. Your skincare products should be non-irritating to allow your skin to heal and correct its damage.

Maintenance of the skin is vital to continue to enjoy the benefits of Fraxel® treatments. By taking care of your skin with quality at-home skincare, anti-oxidants, sun protection and growth factor serums you can continue to enjoy beautiful results. Moisturizers are encouraged for enhanced comfort and SkinCeuticals Vitamin C Ferulic or Vitamin Phloretin can be applied after the treatment to encourage healing. Once you have healed you may apply mineral make-up.

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