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I have always been driven to understand the intricacies of the skin, our protective barrier to the world. This passion ultimately led me to pursue a career in anti-aging, where I utilize my skills as a registered craniosacral therapist, certified yoga teacher, and laser technician to empower my patients to achieve their desired cosmetic results. By approaching each patient with sensitivity, understanding, and compassion, I am able to establish trust, actively listen to their needs, and create personalized treatment plans that prioritize their comfort and ease. When I am not working, I enjoy taking part in outdoor activities such as hiking and swimming in the ocean, and practicing meditation as a means of relaxation and self-care.

  • Extensive professional training in cosmetics and laser under an MD.
  • Fully trained on all machines
  • 5 Years of consultation experience
  • Trained on all of our skincare lines
伊莎贝拉在健康和保健方面拥有 35 年的经验,加上她作为注册颅骶治疗师和认证恢复性瑜伽老师培训师的特定资格,使她具备专业知识和技能,以有效倾听患者的需求,提供有关治疗方案的建议,并协助患者选择符合其目标的治疗计划。 此外,她自2016年9月以来在抗衰老领域的任期进一步证明了她在抗衰老领域的承诺和经验。
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