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泰瑞·费舍尔 医生

Dr. Teri Fisher
BSc, BEd, MSc, MD, CCFP, DipSM

Dr Teri Fisher is a highly skilled and experienced aesthetic and sports medicine physician, known for his approachable, thoughtful, and friendly manner. He takes pride in combining his scientific mind for medicine, his artistic eye for detail, and his expert manual dexterity to provide natural results for his patients. Dr. Fisher’s primary goal is to help his patients maximize their “health esteem” through non-surgical aesthetic medical treatments so they feel more confident, empowered, self-assured, and so they can make positive changes in their lives. His practise is rooted in his personal Five Pillars of Aesthetics: Safe treatments, Customized plans, Expert advice, Natural results, and Enjoyable experiences. 

When he’s not in the office or with a syringe in his hand, Dr. Fisher enjoys spending his free time in the local trails with his wife and two labradoodles (Koda and Millie), on the ice coaching his two children’s hockey teams, or tinkering around the house fixing and renovating as many things as he can get his hands on.

泰瑞·费舍尔 医生
Fisher 博士拥有理学学士学位(解剖学、细胞生物学和生物技术)、教育学学士、理学硕士(实验医学)和医学博士学位。 他的研究生培训包括家庭实践住院医师,运动与运动医学奖学金,以及全面的注射课程和美容医学指导。

除了费舍尔博士广泛的科学背景外,他还对视觉艺术感兴趣,是一位熟练的音乐家,他的手工灵巧性是从几十年的正规训练中磨练出来的。 他的艺术才华和他对人体解剖学的理解相结合,体现在他在美学实践中创造美丽和自然美的能力。 正是通过抗衰老医学,费舍尔博士将他对艺术和科学的热情结合起来。
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