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Dina 王女士

BC 省註册护士

I began my career in the field of anti-aging in 2019, and have found great fulfillment in the opportunity to learn and progress professionally. I am particularly gratified by the satisfaction and renewed confidence my patients express upon seeing the final results of their treatment. In my view, it is essential to have a genuine passion for one’s work, as this enables one to provide the best possible outcomes for clients. Additionally, I strongly believe that ongoing education and personal development are crucial in staying current and relevant within a constantly evolving industry. My goal is to attain a Master of Science in Nursing by the time I reach 50. During my leisure time, I enjoy going shopping, painting, and spending time with my family.

  • Graduating with a BSc in Nursing
  • Organizing charity piano events for hospitals in BC
  • Injectable trainer at Clarion Medical
  • Injectable instructor faculty CBAM
明星级 医美註册护士
Dina 是一位技术娴熟的BC认证注册护士和注射師,在神经调节剂美容和皮肤填充程序方面拥有专业知识。 她毕业于昆特兰理工大学。 除了在美学领域的工作外,Dina还担任里士满医院手术室的团队负责人,讲师和导师,这使她对外科手术有深刻的理解。 这种美学和手术经验的结合使她能够为客户实现自然、个性化的美容效果,同时支持他们实现个人目标。 Dina精通英语和普通话,自2019年以来一直是溫西Anti Aging診所团队的成员。
Dina 王女士
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