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Jocelyn 李女士

Jocelyn Lee
Jocelyn is extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and maintains meticulous attention to detail. She has a passion for educating others and enjoys hands-on learning experiences.

Through applying makeup in order to create a beautiful canvas, it starts with healthy skin. In understanding the best approach for optimizing skin health, Jocelyn found her passion for Medical Aesthetics. She is fully trained and certified under a Medical Director. She aims to create the best canvas for each individual, where they are able to feel confident by improving their skin health and using quality medical-grade skincare and advanced laser technology. 
  • Jocelyn’s specialty treatments are Ultherapy, Coolsculpting, Pigmentation, and Tattoo Removal.
Jocelyn在奢侈品和化妆品零售领域拥有超过15年的客户服务经验。 她在 Blanche MacDonald 学习水疗皮肤疗法美学和自由化妆艺术。 2011年毕业并获得文凭后,Jocelyn于2018年开始了她在美学行业的职业生涯,同时继续在兰加拉学院接受教育,在那里她完成了社会科学副学士学位,重点是刑事司法和心理学的大部分研究。
Jocelyn 李女士
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