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It’s Acne Awareness Month: We’re Answering All Your Questions About Acne

As we kick off Acne Awareness Month, we’re cutting through the chatter and giving you the scoop to help you manage acne symptoms and reduce long-term effects.

Acne is a prevalent inflammatory skin condition affecting about 85% of adolescents and young adults aged 12-25, and nearly 50% of women between 20-29. It occurs when dead skin cells and oil clog pores, allowing bacteria to flourish. This can lead to pimples and flare-ups not just on the face but also on the chest, back, and shoulders—known as truncal acne.

Acne doesn’t have a single cause; it results from a mix of internal and external factors:

Hormonal Changes: Puberty and pregnancy can trigger oil glands in the skin to produce more oil, clogging pores and causing breakouts.

External Factors: Skincare products, sun exposure, stress, and diet can all exacerbate acne symptoms.

No! Acne is a medical condition that requires treatment to reduce visible symptoms. The physical and emotional impacts of acne can be profound. Scarring is a common long-term consequence, with about 27% of people with acne scars experiencing significant impacts on their quality of life, regardless of the scar’s severity.

Yes. Acne scarring can occur regardless of the severity of the acne or whether it is picked. It’s a misconception that scars will disappear once acne clears. Early consultation with a medical professional is crucial to assess symptoms and find the best solution for your skin.

The most common acne scars are:

Rolling Scars: Cause the skin to appear uneven.

Ice Pick Scars: Small, deep pits on the skin.

PRO TIP: Early treatment is key to reducing or preventing scarring.

Absolutely not! Popping pimples can lead to scarring, slow down the healing process, and may even cause more pimples.

By consulting with our skin specialists, you can take steps to prevent long-lasting symptoms, including scars. During your appointment, we’ll discuss your lifestyle to identify acne triggers and assess scarring risks. We’ll recommend the best treatment options and tailored acne skincare solutions to address your skin condition.

Follow these four daily steps to maintain healthy skin:

Cleanse: Remove excess sebum that can block pores.

Consult: Seek advice from our specialists for tailored skincare solutions.

Moisturize: Use non-comedogenic moisturizers to keep skin hydrated.

Protect: Apply at least SPF 30+ sunscreen to shield your skin from sun damage.

Taking action early is essential. Early treatment can prevent scarring and the emotional distress that acne can cause. Feel confident and proud of your skin. Book an appointment with one of our specialists at Anti-Aging Vancouver to explore treatment options.

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