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Introducing Alma TED, a revolutionary hair restoration treatment for men and women. Say goodbye to hair loss and frustration with outdated methods, and regain your confidence with this cutting-edge solution.

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Alma TED Results

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About Alma TED

What are Alma TED?

The Alma TED is a non-invasive, ultrasound-based device that uses sound waves to improve blood flow for various aesthetic treatments. The accompanying TED+ Hair Care Formula contains ingredients that enhance hair and scalp health and strengthen hair follicles.

  • Stimulate and strengthen hair
  • Achieve thicker, longer, and healthier locks
  • Achieve fuller, shinier hair
  • Utilizes acoustic sound waves and air pressure instead of needles or lasers
  • Noninvasive for a comfortable experience

Treatable Areas

The AlmaTED can be used on the scalp, eyebrows and beard. The system can also treat long and short hair. You do not need to shave before treatments. 


Clinical studies have shown that patients who have undergone Alma TED treatment have seen a 20-60% increase in hair growth in affected areas. Two weeks after the treatment, patients generally notice less hair shedding and the first signs of new growth.

One month post-treatment, patients report seeing new hair growth. After two months, they observe an increase in hair volume and after three months, they see less scalp exposure and bald spots filling in.

These results have been clinically validated in over 20 published studies, and patients have given positive feedback about the treatment.


What to expect

Treatment Process

Alma TED is a quick 20-25min in office treatment, and come for your treatment without any hair styling products.
Come to
During the Treatment
DUring your consultation , your practitioner will access your scalp to personalize the best treatment for you.
After the Treatment
You”ll notice improvements as early as one month following your first treatment, additional treatments may be recommended for optimal results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a good candidate for Alma TED?

The Alma TED treatment is designed for individuals who are experiencing hair loss or want to improve the overall appearance and thickness of their hair.

What are the indicators that you may be experiencing hair loss?
  • A change in your hairline
  • Noticeable thinning of your hair
  • Excessive hair loss after showering or brushing
How soon can I expect to see results?

You can expect to see minor results after one treatment, but it is recommended to have at least three treatments one month apart for optimal results.

Is the Treatment Painful?

No, the treatment should not be painful. You can expect to feel a warm sensation from the device and a ringing sound through the course of the treatment, but there is no pain involved. No needles. No discomfort. No trauma to the scalp.

What is the importance of hair?

Hair is considered an important part of one’s well being in today’s culture for several reasons. Firstly, hair is often seen as a symbol of personal identity and style, allowing people to express themselves and reflect their personality through hair choices. Secondly, hair can impact a person’s confidence and self-esteem. For example, having a bad hair day can negatively impact a person’s mood, while a new haircut or hairstyle can give a boost in confidence. Additionally, hair can play a role in social and cultural norms and can influence how people are perceived by others. Thus, hair can play an important role in a person’s wellbeing and sense of self.

What causes the hair growth?

Growth factors are naturally occurring proteins that play a critical role in the growth and development of tissues, including hair follicles. In the context of hair growth, growth factors work by promoting the production of new hair cells and supporting the growth and health of existing hair follicles.

In the AlmaTED system, growth factors are delivered directly to the scalp through the Trans Epidermal Delivery (TED) technology. The serum contains active ingredients, including growth factors, which are activated by heat, pressure, and electrical stimulation. When the serum is applied to the scalp, the growth factors penetrate the skin and reach the hair follicles, where they can promote the production of new hair cells and support the growth and health of existing hair follicles.

Overall, the use of growth factors in the AlmaTED system is designed to support hair growth by promoting the production of new hair cells and supporting the growth and health of existing hair follicles. This, in turn, leads to an improvement in hair growth and thickness over time. 

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