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hosted by: Dr. Teri Fisher
第19集:童颜针与Galderma的Amy Lynn Birkenstamm合作

第19集:童颜针与Galderma的Amy Lynn Birkenstamm合作


如果这个播客节目,Teri Fisher博士欢迎Amy Lynn Birkenstamm,RN,CANS,Galderma Aesthetics and Wellness的创始人,老闆和临床主任。 Amy讲述了她鼓舞人心的美学之旅,以及她如何在注射的第一年成为高德美在美国排名前100位的注射器之一。 艾米讨论了Sculptra,一种生物刺激,并描述了这种非凡治疗的所有细节。 她还谈到了教育的重要性和她的培训设施Glo Academy。 如果您对Sculptra感兴趣,或者您只是想受到美学领域领先权威的启发,那么本集适合您!

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Today’s Guest

Amy Lynn Birkenstamm, RN, CANS

Amy Lynn Birkenstamm, RN, CANS, worked as an ER trauma nurse, specializing in trauma, pediatrics, and cardiac care for over a decade. After having five children, she pursued her passion for facial aesthetics and wellness. Amy became a Board Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist, demonstrating her exceptional competence and skill in aesthetic nursing. As a National GAIN Trainer and Key Leading Mentor for Galderma, she is renowned for her advanced techniques in facial and body rejuvenation. In her first year of operation, Amy achieved the remarkable feat of being recognized as one of Galderma’s Top 100 injectors in the country. She continues her education by attending national and international conferences, earning respect as an esteemed educator and mentor among her peers. Amy’s ultimate objective is to promote unity in the medical aesthetics industry by bridging the gap between different scopes of practice and serving as an advocate.

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加入著名的抗衰老,美容,运动和运动医生 Dr Teri Fisher,探索非手术美容和抗衰老医学的最新新闻,治疗方法,技术,研究和开发。 在每一集中,Dr Fisher 都是您的指南,帮助您了解如何看起来和感觉更棒,并改善您今天和明天的生活质量。 他分解了医学证据,以确定哪些有效(哪些无效),以帮助您更好地了解美容医学的世界。 Dr Fisher 采访了该领域的专家和领先从业者,讨论随着年龄的增长保持健康和保健的最新策略和技术。 无论您是想改善自己的外表还是整体健康状况,这个播客都适合任何有兴趣在变老时保持健康、青春和活力的人。

请注意:本播客仅供参考,不能替代专业医疗建议。 在开始任何治疗之前,请务必寻求合格的医疗保健提供者的建议。

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Dr Fisher 医生

Dr Teri Fisher 是不列颠哥伦比亚UBC大学的美容和运动医学医师,也是临床助理教授。 他担任播客主持人已有 10 多年,尤其以平易近人、周到和友好的方式而闻名。 正是通过他的美容医学实践,Dr Fisher 结合了他对艺术、科学和技术的热情。 有关 Dr Fisher 的更多信息,请单击 此处

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