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hosted by: Dr. Teri Fisher
第22集:与 Dr Tim Pearce 一起释放美学咨询的力量

第22集:与 Dr Tim Pearce 一起释放美学咨询的力量


在抗衰老洞察播客的这一集中,加入 Teri Fisher 博士,了解他进入非手术美容医学咨询的变革世界。 他的嘉宾,SkinViva的 Dr Tim Pearce 分享了他的专业知识和故事,为什么一个好的咨询意味着美学的一切。 我们从患者的角度探讨咨询的重要性,了解为什么咨询在积极的治疗体验中起着至关重要的作用。 皮尔斯博士还为寻找合适的医疗保健从业者提供了宝贵的建议。 不要错过这个赋权的情节,它解开了提升患者-提供者体验的秘密。

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Today’s Guest

Dr. Tim Pearce

Dr. Tim Pearce serves as a co-founder and Director of SkinViva Ltd, an esteemed aesthetic clinic in the United Kingdom. With a wealth of experience, Tim has successfully completed over 25,000 cosmetic procedures. He plays a pivotal role in leading a team of Aesthetic Clinicians at Skinviva Ltd, located in Manchester. Moreover, Tim is actively involved in training external clinicians through Skinviva Training, the company’s face-to-face training school.

As a distinguished member of the Allergan Academy, Dr. Tim Pearce has had the privilege of learning from world-renowned mentors hailing from various parts of the globe. Esteemed figures in the industry, such as Arthur Swift, Raj Acquilla, Mauricio de Maio, and others, have contributed to his professional growth and development.

Dr. Tim Pearce is widely respected within the aesthetics industry for his expertise and leadership. He serves as an inspiration to fellow practitioners through his courses, providing guidance and sharing his knowledge. Tim generously offers advice and insights on aesthetics-related topics through social media platforms, including his weekly Aesthetics Mastery Show on YouTube.

Key take aways

  • Dr. Tim Pearce has been practicing medical aesthetics for approximately 15-16 years and has been training clinicians for about 9-10 years.
  • Prioritizing effective communication and consultation is crucial in the field of medical aesthetics. Engaging in thorough discussions with patients before starting any procedure is of utmost importance.
  • The essence of Dr. Tim Pearce’s approach lies in the power of conversation. Patients seek emotional connections and personal narratives when undergoing aesthetic procedures.
  • Many patients may not fully understand why they are seeking aesthetic treatments, which can lead to feelings of insecurity or self-consciousness. A comprehensive consultation allows for the exploration and resolution of these concerns, providing patients with emotional and physical liberation.
  • Medical aesthetics revolves around building strong relationships with patients. By placing individuals at the forefront and utilizing their appearance as a means of connection, practitioners can create a positive impact.
  • Dr. Tim Pearce emphasizes the importance of understanding a patient’s motivations for wanting treatments like Botox. Encouraging patients to reflect on and openly share their feelings about the process fosters a deeper understanding and collaboration between the practitioner and patient.
  • When choosing an aesthetic provider, patients should consider three key factors: competence, emotional trust, and integrity. Look for a provider who is highly skilled, makes you feel comfortable and understood, and prioritizes your best interests.
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加入著名的抗衰老,美容,运动和运动医生 Dr Teri Fisher,探索非手术美容和抗衰老医学的最新新闻,治疗方法,技术,研究和开发。 在每一集中,Dr Fisher 都是您的指南,帮助您了解如何看起来和感觉更棒,并改善您今天和明天的生活质量。 他分解了医学证据,以确定哪些有效(哪些无效),以帮助您更好地了解美容医学的世界。 Dr Fisher 采访了该领域的专家和领先从业者,讨论随着年龄的增长保持健康和保健的最新策略和技术。 无论您是想改善自己的外表还是整体健康状况,这个播客都适合任何有兴趣在变老时保持健康、青春和活力的人。

请注意:本播客仅供参考,不能替代专业医疗建议。 在开始任何治疗之前,请务必寻求合格的医疗保健提供者的建议。

访问Dr Fisher 的网站按 这里.

Dr Fisher 医生

Dr Teri Fisher 是不列颠哥伦比亚UBC大学的美容和运动医学医师,也是临床助理教授。 他担任播客主持人已有 10 多年,尤其以平易近人、周到和友好的方式而闻名。 正是通过他的美容医学实践,Dr Fisher 结合了他对艺术、科学和技术的热情。 有关 Dr Fisher 的更多信息,请单击 此处

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