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hosted by: Dr. Teri Fisher
第6集:水光针详解 – NCTF 业务经理Skye Lintott

第6集:水光针详解 – NCTF 业务经理Skye Lintott


该播客以斯凯·林托特(Skye Lintott)为特色,讨论了NCTF,即在70个国家广泛使用的新细胞治疗因子,被称为“玻璃皮肤疗法”。 NCTF富含辅酶,维生素,矿物质,核酸和谷胱甘肽,所有这些都为皮肤细胞创造了一个更新的环境,使其恢复更强壮,更健康。

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Today’s Guest

Skye Lintott

Skye has been in the beauty industry for close to 20 years and has experience in various positions, including sales, managing clinics, and assisting plastic surgeons. Currently, she works for a company called Cita that provides innovative products from France, and her role requires her to be a physician to carry the medical grade products. She is discussing a product called Nctf, which is a cellular treatment factor that has been around for 40 years and is widely used and known because it works well. She has conducted clinical studies in Canada, and the product is doing well as it provides instant and long-term gratification to patients.

Key take aways

  • The speaker has been in the industry for close to 20 years, with experience in various sales positions and managing clinics.
  • The speaker currently works for a company called Cita, which distributes medical-grade products from France.
  • Nctf (new cellular treatment factor) is a widely known and used treatment in many countries, known for its instant and long-term gratification.
  • Nctf is a medical-grade product that requires a physician to administer.
  • Nctf is rich in coenzymes, vitamins, minerals, nucleic acid, and glutathione, which stimulate collagen and fibroblast production and help the skin renew and heal itself.
  • Nctf is typically administered after microneedling or laser treatments, and patients usually undergo three treatments.
  • Nctf can improve skin texture, hydration, and healing time after aggressive treatments.



分会场 1: 非常感谢你邀请我,费舍尔博士。 它很漂亮,我,它令人兴奋和有趣,我很高兴能成为其中的一员。 These are so inter, I love listening to them too, so I can’t wait to hear the rest of the ones that you have coming.

Track 1: Amazing.

Track 1: For sure. Well, I’ve been in this space for a very long time. I don’t wanna say how long because it will really date me, but, um, I think we’re going on probably close to 20 years. I’ve done everything in the industry from various sales positions to running and managing clinics, um, just, uh, assisting different plastic surgeons.

Track 1: Um, back in the day I used to, was able to inject, so I’ve really. Been around and seen a lot of different things. My current position right now is with a company called Cita, and their head office is in Montreal, but the products that we get are from filmed, uh, fga people may have known it as, and that is from France.

Track 1: And, um, the production is coming outta Brussels. So some really interesting, innovative products that we have.

Track 1: Good question. So Nctf is new cellular treatment factor. It’s a mouthful. Um, but what it is, and you know, a lot of your patients will know nctf because it’s been around for 40 years. It’s in 70 countries. It’s been known as the Chanel Shaw, the Glass Skin Therapy. Um, it’s still this day, the number one.

Track 1: Texture like treatment in Korea, France, and many other parts of the world. So it’s widely, widely used and known because it works honestly. And I think that’s what’s given its longevity because patients get the treatment and, and they come back wanting it more, I think cuz it’s instant gratification. You get it.

Track 1: And then also long-term gratification, but it’s one of those treatments where right away you get off the bed and you’re like, Okay, I, I see a significant difference in my skin. So it’s, um, it’s something that’s been around a really long time and we’re very lucky now to finally have it in Canada. Um, something that, you know, it is a medical grade product, so you have to be a physician to, to carry this product.

Track 1: So we had to do all our own clinical studies as well as all the studies that are out there around the world for, you know, other countries that have it. We had our own clinical studies done for Canada. that were very, very impressive with some, you know, pretty big KOLs and we love it. It’s doing ginormously well because soon as patients, you know, like I said, they can get it done with microneedling or after a Laser treatment and they really see the change in the skin right from the get go.

Track 1: Sure.

Track 1: so it’s perfect because it’s full of co enzymes, vitamins, minerals. It has something called nucleic acid, which is really good for healing, and it has glutathione. There’s so many, I mean, I could go on and on and on about all the different ingredients. And when we did our clinicals, we have 250 per 256 percentage of collagen stimulation.

Track 1: Um, 148 production of fibroblast stimulation, 90% free radical. You know, for you and I, and I mean a lot of your viewers, I’m sure are very technical. They like to get into that. It just shows that there’s an environment for your own cells to renew themselves to come back stronger and healthier. Um, and that’s what we, what we wanna see.

Track 1: So, That’s what we’re doing when we do something with microneedling. We’re creating little channels within the skin, so the skin is very open and ready to take in whatever you’re gonna give it. So we’re giving it hydroponic acid, which we all know is amazing for the skin. It kind of nourishes you and gives you lots of hydration right away, and that’s what gives us that glass skin.

Track 1: You know, it sort of covers all those fine lines and wrinkles and pores, but then also all those vitamins and minerals and all those nutrients that we need get into the skin. Skin is the biggest organ. It’s it, you know, it needs all those things. So we’re able to kind of give it like a real good IV shot.

Track 1: Um, and then everyone’s gonna be a little bit different. You know, my skin might take in something that’s different for your skin. The protocol is they come for three treatments, they. You know, however, if however, often they’re doing their microneedling or their Laser treatment, they would have nctf right afterwards, and first of all, they’re gonna see the skin is gonna be glowing, beautiful hydrated.

Track 1: Also, their healing time is cut down significantly because of all of these other factors, especially the glutathione. It really helps. That, you know, the healing of getting any of these more, um, aggressive, like say it’s a CO2 or any kind of, that’s really ablative, it really helps with that healing time for the patient, so they’re able to go back to work right away.

Track 1: They’re not super red or peeling, so it makes a big difference. Fantastic.

Track 1: Yeah.

Track 1: For sure. So there’s a few different hydroponic acid can be administered a few different ways. When you’re thinking of filler, that’s typically a cross-linked hydroponic acid, so it’s a little bit thicker. It can dance. Different, there’s different G primes that you know, allow us to go into different areas of the face.

Track 1: This hydrologic that we’re using for nctf is uncross linked, which means that it’s really just gonna go in and provide that hydration all over. It’s not just staying in one therapy. It’s not for volume, it’s not for one area. It’s to give hydration really from the inside out, all. , that’s as easy as I could try to make it without getting super clinical

Track 1: Mm-hmm.

Track 1: you know what? Everyone’s skin is different, you know, and we have protocols or it’s, it’s, you know, for, we want three for sure to see that optimal treatment because the skin goes through a skin cycle, typically 28 days. You know, if you’re a little bit younger, a little bit more, if you’re getting a little bit older to go through a full skin cycle to get that slot thing and new cells come up.

Track 1: So we wanna be touching. those cells as they’re going through that process. So they come day one, day 15, day 30. At that time, we’re really gonna see how the skin has, um, been affected by, by these ingredients. And then, you know, you might say, wow, okay, the skins look amazing. It’s at it’s optimal. We wanna have you on some really good skincare, come back in three months.

Track 1: Or you might say, you know what, I’m seeing some pigmentation still. I’m still seeing some rosacea. I’m still seeing, you know, we haven’t got all the fine lines and wrinkles. Maybe we need to come back in another 15 days. Let’s get you to. Beautiful like place where we know your skin can be and then we just can do some maintenance.

Track 1: So everyone’s a little different. Typically though, we do it on how often you would be doing your Laser therapy or your microneedling therapy. So the technician or the doctor obviously is gonna know that better. So whatever kind of treatment protocol you’re putting your patients on, you would administer that and then just always put the N CT on F on right after.

Track 1: We have to create a channel. So then creating a channel is, we have to create little micro tears in the skin so, you know, they can go buy it or, or have it, you know, however it is. But as if they just put it on their skin, it’s not gonna do anything. It has to be administered with that little microchannel so they can dermal roll it.

Track 1: There’s lots of ways to, you know, get that effect. But we need that and, and really wanna do that in a medical setting because we’re opening the skin, right? So we wanna make sure that we’re, you know, being very careful with all of that.

Track 1: No downtime. Um, it’s, it’s actually the opposite of that. We use it to, to take away the downtime because in a lot of our clinicals we use something called a visium machine, which shows us inflammation internally, it’s significantly takes down inflammation significantly. So people that. Are really inflamed, um, internally from like several rosacea or acne or just, you know, just to have more sensitized skin.

Track 1: It really helps that nucleic acid really kind of brings down that inflammation. Um, if anything, it’s just gonna help soothe and ease and. Strengthen the skin. Uh, we know with anything, like, we always say with like pregnancy, autoimmune, those types of things, like they have to speak to their doctor. But really, if it’s something that, if you wouldn’t do microneedling or Laser on that patient, then you probably wouldn’t use Nctf on that patient.

Track 1: You know? So we try to stick with, with what you, you know, that protocol would be with the physician.

Track 1: Yeah. I love that you asked that. I love that you asked that. Thank you, . Well, because you know what, like I said, I’ve been, I’ve been doing this thing for a while, you know, and um, I’ve seen a lot of products come and go and a lot of fads come and go. And honestly, at the end of the day, you have to look at the clinicals, you know, and I think.

Track 1: Physicians really appreciate that. They look at a white paper, they look at a clinical cause. Those aren’t gonna lie, right? That’s the science that’s really showing us what is this doing on a cellular level? What is this? When we’re, you know, testing it and, and using stains and all of those types of things, we can really see what is, how is it affecting the skin.

Track 1: We have so many clinicals, um, because it’s been all around the world, so we have clinicals from all over the world. If you go to phil, F I L L M e, or if you go to um, NCTF, you’ll see all the clinicals and white paper that’s there, and we have our own clinicals that we did for Health Canada.

Track 1: Tons of research that will show exactly what it does and back up what we say. So it’s not just we’re telling this lovely story. We have a ton of evidence to, to show it. And that’s why I think, again, it’s been popular and stays popular for so long.

Track 1: Yeah.

Track 1: That’s great. Yeah. Good Nighttime reading. Good late night reading for sure.

Track 1: It’s been in Canada for about a year, but we just really started getting a sales team out there, to be honest, because we were going in, we do something where we give these products to KOLs, our key opinion leaders, and ask them to try use it with their patients and before and afters. And we’re doing, you know, we did that with Fill Med, which is our filler, that’s also from the same company called Art Filler.

Track 1: So now that we’ve done that, you know, we’ve seen it. They’ve got their hands wet with it, they’re using it. And now we have a sales force that’s really out there providing it to the dent, the doctor’s offices. So you’re starting to see it more and more?

Track 1: Yeah. Yeah, well, you know what? I know Dr. Frame only wants the best and they Dean, like, they want the best, they wanna be the first. They, they do all their research before they bring anything in. Um, so it’s great for me too. Like I, you know, I’m glad to be part of that because they’re gonna have really good results.

Track 1: But I think also their patients have that faith and trust in them that they’re gonna be, you know, always gonna have the best.

Track 1: They come see you. They can come see. Yeah.

Track 1: Absolutely. So if they go to phil, so F I L L M E, which is the website, so it has everything there. But honestly, if you go on any social media and just hashtag nctf. The stuff that, that, that there’s just a wealth of information on YouTube. Doctors from all over the world holding their little red box, talking about it, showing results before and afters.

Track 1: There’s tons of information. One thing that’s interesting is that um, you know, cuz it is so popular, you know, people try to knock it off. So there’s a little, um, QR code on the boxes. So if the patient comes in, they can actually ask to scan your QR code so they can see it’s the real. That they’re seeing that it’s the real product.

Track 1: Yeah. Cuz it really is. It’s like people are trying to knock off Chanel, you know, they’re trying to knock off our nctf and um, so that QR code really shows that, you know, it’s the roots, it’s the real product, but there’s a lot of information. Social media or of course directly onto or also has all the information.

Track 1: Yep. You betcha.

Track 1: Okay.

Track 1: You know, anti-aging, I’m kind of like pro aging

Track 1: Yeah, I, you know, I think that, you know, really it’s about being the best you. , I, you know, I really think people have kind of gone through that. They don’t wanna look, you know, that they’re 20 or 20, you know that that’s not what they’re trying to do. They want to be the best selves, and that’s internally and externally, right?

Track 1: We wanna be healthy. We wanna live long, vibrant, healthy lives, and we want the outside to. Compliment or to marry how we’re feeling on the inside. And you know, that’s what I think when I’m looking at a patient, you know, how can we best do that? You know, we’re not gonna take 20 years off, but I wanna make you have beautiful, hydrated, juicy skin.

Track 1: I wanna give you some of that youth goal. I wanna take away some of that tired look so, you know, internally and externally. So I think that’s it. You notice looking the best for your age? That’s, that’s my opinion, you know?

Track 1: Thank you so much for having me.

Track 1: Thank you. I’ll be there. . I want that new machine, the CO2 I want. I’m coming in for that one.

Track 1: Perfect . Thank you so much, Dr. K. Bye.

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