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Trinity 杨女士

Trinity Yang

Having moved to Vancouver from Shanghai in 2004, I consider myself a half local. I worked mostly in a B2B setting before I joined Anti-Aging. Facing customers and patients on a daily basis is a little different from my previous jobs. However, it’s a good opportunity to learn and grow. As a good observer, I learn not only from books but also people around me. In the past many years, I’ve been mastering my professional skills as well as focusing on personal development. I believe we should all help each other grow. 

I like painting, calligraphy, craftsmanship, cooking, baking, and travelling in my spare time.

  • Bachelor of Commerce
  • Extensive knowledge of skincare lines
  • Continuous training on all treatments
我最初被聘为负责电子商务的各个方面。 这包括维护网站上的产品信息、库存控制、客户服务和履行订单。 凭借多年的销售、营销、客户服务和管理经验,我了解业务的各个方面。 我一直在将我的可转移技能应用于这个新角色,并从一开始就很好地处理了工作。 能够降低库存水平。
我还与营销团队合作设计促销活动。 特别是随着中国市场的新举措,我一直在为我们诊所在大温哥华华人社区的品牌推广做出贡献。

另一方面,我接受过所有护肤品的培训。 凭借我个人的兴趣和热情,我对产品非常了解和理解,能够为客户和患者进行咨询,并推荐适合他们需求的产品。
Trinity 杨女士
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