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Nadine Frame


Although for years I have attended conferences and researched our machines, been trained on them, attended training sessions on skincare products I thought it best to leave the consults to our wonderful experts but I have discovered a new passion for myself. I love the interaction with patients and enjoy the process of visualizing what can be achieved with fillers, neuromodulators and textural machines that smooth, repair damage, re-texture and tighten. I am passionate about connecting with and delivering results to all our patients that walk through the door.

  • 18 years of consultation experience
  • Fine Arts degree from UNISA
  • Extensive knowledge of skin conditions and treatments
  • Trained on all of our machines
Nadine在南非大学获得了美术荣誉学位,此后将她的创作热情从油漆和畫筆转移到化妆品和填充注射。 她能够利用她的创造性眼光和这些媒介来帮助患者实现他们的美容目标并感到自信。 Nadine仍然喜欢绘画,参加普拉提,并与丈夫和3个可爱的孩子共度时光。
Nadine Frame
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