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Forever Clear BBL™

Forever Clear BBL™

A clear complexion with Forever Clear™

The Forever Clear™ kills acne-causing bacteria, stimulates the regeneration of new cells offering a softer and clearer complexion.

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  • Treatment Type
    Intense Pulsed Light
  • Duration
    30-60 minutes
  • Recovery Time
    Minimal downtime


  • Stimulates the regeneration of new skin cells in targeted areas
  • Treats active acne
  • Minimal downtime

Treatment overview

Treatment overview

Forever Clear BBL Treatment

Feel Confident with Soft, Clear Skin

Acne can be stubborn and damaging to your confidence. Forever Clear BBL is an effective solution for clear, beautiful skin. This non-invasive, intense pulse light treatment is designed to address active acne by heating the upper layers of targeted areas, killing acne-causing bacteria, stimulating the regeneration of new cells, and rejuvenating skin for a softer, clearer complexion.

What to expect

What to expect

Before the Treatment

Prior to this treatment, you must minimize sun exposure for 3 weeks, or avoid the sun altogether. Self-tanners must be faded for at least 7 to 10 days. Avoid retinol treatments for 5 days before your appointment. If you choose to use numbing cream, it will be applied one hour before treatment.

During the Treatment

The procedure is quick, ranging from 15–60 minutes. You’ll wear eye protection glasses as the light is bright. You’ll feel the heat increase, and as each area is completed, a cool pack will be placed over it. It’s a fairly painless procedure, with patients describing it like a “rubber band snap” sensation.

After the Treatment

After your procedure, the treated area will be red; however, it should resolve within a few hours. In the 7–10 days following the treatment, pigment lesions will darken and slowly exfoliate. Mineral makeup is allowed after 24 hours. Retinol treatments can be gradually resumed 5 days post-treatment.

How it works

How it works

Eliminates Stubborn Acne

The Forever Clear BBL uses intense pulse light to distribute heat to the upper layers of your skin. Targeted areas absorb various frequencies (colours) of light energy, killing the acne-causing bacteria, reducing inflammation, redness and scarring, and ultimately eliminating the acne.



Recommended number of sessions
 3–6 sessions, 2 weeks apart

Annual maintenance is recommended.



How much is Forever Clear BBL?

The Forever Clear BBL treatment costs $400 for the face. To ensure that our treatments are as affordable as possible, we offer packages with additional savings when several treatments and treatment zones are purchased collectively.

Treatable Areas

If you are suffering with acne anywhere on your body, the Forever Clear Treatment can help you. Common areas for this treatment include the face, neck, chest and back.


Results are apparent as early as 3 weeks post-treatment.

  • Treats active acne for a softer, clearer complexion
  • Improves acnes scars
  • Reduces inflammation & redness

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Eliminate stubborn acne!


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Frequently Asked Questions

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Are there any contraindications?
BBL is an extremely safe procedure and has been approved by Health Canada; however, there are some instances where BBL is not suitable for an individual.
These include patients who:
Have a history of abnormal response to sunlight.
Use photo-sensitizing medications or drugs.
Have used isotretinoin (Accutane) within the last 6–12 months.
Are pregnant.
Have medical conditions that may affect wound healing.
Take anticoagulant medication or heavy aspirin use.
Have active infections and/or compromised immune systems.
Have tanned skin.
Have a history of skin cancer, especially malignant melanoma.
Have a history of keloid scar formation.
Are Skin Type VI.
What is the difference between Forever Young and Forever Clear BBL?
Forever Young and Forever Clear both fall under the BBL innovative technology brand. They are similar in the way they work, but they treat different concerns. Forever Young is an anti-aging treatment using broadband light therapy, while Forever Clear targets explicitly active acne. As they function at different depths, Forever Clear requires more treatments because its light is set to a shallower setting to combat acne-causing skin bacteria, which sits at a superficial skin level.
How many treatments will I need?
The number of treatments depends on your concerns. We generally recommend an average of 3 treatments, usually one month apart. Annual maintenance is recommended if you want to maintain your results.
How long after my treatment will I begin to see results?
Results are apparent as early as 3 weeks post-treatment
Will it be uncomfortable?
This treatment is non-invasive and considered fairly painless as it treats the superficial layers of the skin. The procedure does not require numbing cream; however, if you’re prone to sensitivity, talk with your consultant about using a topical anesthetic before treatment.
Do you offer financing?
Yes! We’ve partnered with PayBright, Canada’s leading finance company for treatment financing.The application process is straightforward and takes just 10 seconds!
Applying for financing with PayBright has no impact on your credit score either!