Arms skin (and hand skin) is susceptible to sun damage and the effects of aging because it is so often exposed, but for many, other aesthetic issues – Arm scars, hairy arms, flabby arms and sweaty hands – can cause just as much frustration and sometimes embarrassment. Anti-Aging Medical & Laser Clinic offers Vancouver and Lower Mainland, BC clients many treatments to improve the appearance of arms and hands.

Arm & Hand Sun Spots

Age spots affect any part of the body, including arms, which are often exposed to the sun, resulting in skin damage over time. Dark arm spots are common as we age, and can be a source of embarrassment, making us shy to wear short sleeves or bare our arms in warm weather. We provide skin treatments that improve the appearance of sun spots on the arms and hands, including: IPL, Fraxel laser, and skin health products that correct and protect the skin. More about arm and hand sun spots.

Arm & Hand Scars

The hands are always in use and so are prone to scarring. The arms, too, see their fair share of scarring from cuts, surgery, and conditions like keratosis pilaris (rough acne-like bumps) which can scar the arm skin. Fractionated laser (Fraxel® laser) skin resurfacing can reduce the appearance of both dark and light arm scars. Glycolic, and microdermabrasion can refresh the skin providing a more even skin tone. More about arm and hands scars.

Hairy Arms

If you are tired of shaving, waxing or plucking hairy arms, laser hair removal is a convenient and comfortable, long term alternative to more traditional methods. Where shaving, waxing and plucking can cause folliculitis (a type of bacterial infection of the hair follicle), laser poses no such risk and provides permanent reduction. More about hairy arms.

Bingo Arms

That flabby skin on the back of your arms, sometimes referred to as “bingo arms”, frequently occurs as we age. The triceps’ skin becomes less elastic – its internal structures break down – and eventually, the effects of gravity win, resulting in loose, flabby arms that may also have a finely ridged, rough texture. Exercising your triceps may tone your muscles, but often, it does nothing to tighten hanging, flabby arm skin. Our Vancouver, Canada skin and laser center provides Thermage CPT ®, which tightens the skin and softens fine lines. More about bingo arms.

Sweaty Hands

Hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating frequently affects the hands. The condition causes social embarrassment and frustration to its sufferers. Botox ®, can provide effective relief. More about sweaty hands.
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