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Men’s Hormone Consultation

As men age, your testosterone and growth hormone levels decline steadily. While some men cope well with lower testosterone, most men lose sexual, physical and emotional functioning. Testosterone deficiency also increases the risk of heart disease and dementia. 

Testosterone therapy can help improve libido and erections. Physical strength, muscle bulk and exercise performance and endurance can be enhanced. Anxiety, depression, low energy and cognitive impairment can also improve. 

Our thorough screening and health evaluation ensures that the benefits of testosterone therapy outweigh the risks in you individually. Prostate, skin, breast, sleep, testicle and bone marrow side effects need to be carefully monitored and avoided. We can help ensure that your health is optimized now and into the future.

Our clinic provides a broad range of health assessments tailored to your needs; improving general health and well-being and helping reduce the risk of ailments that are prevalent in men as they age.

PLEASE NOTE: Dr. Frame provides consultations for men over 40 with age-related hormone decline. If you are 40 + you may benefit from our consultations. (If you are under 40 years of age, with hormone concerns, please consult your family physician, urologist  or  endocrinologist).


Starting From [$800 each consultation. You will be required to have two initial consultations within 3 months.

Recommended number of sessions  2 initial consultations within 3 months of each other, followed by further consultations as needed.

Treatment duration  60 minutes

Required Maintenance  As needed

The benefits

Improve Your Sense of Well Being with a Men’s Hormone Consultation

For Aging and Long Term Health

  • Improve sense of wellbeing
  • Understand and reduce risk of heart attack, stroke, diabetes and dementia
  • Improve mental health, anxiety and depression
  • Improve energy, sleep and concentration

Benefits to Your Body

  • Increase muscle mass and bone density
  • Weight loss or gain - if needed
  • Exercise better and longer

Sexual Health

  • Less erectile dysfunction
  • Better libido
  • Improved sexual functioning

How it works

How does a Men’s Hormone Consultation Work?

To get started you will need to complete our initial men’s hormone online questionnaire. It should only take you a few minutes. The questionnaire helps us understand your medical history, and create a personalized treatment plan with you for you. 

Once Dr. Frame has reviewed your information and approved your suitability, our clinic will contact you to set up an initial 2-part consultation and make a prepayment of $1600 towards your first treatment.

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The treatment experience

Planning for Your Discreet Consultation

Like all of our consultations and treatments, they are confidential and we are discreet. That said, after you have completed our online men’s health questionnaire, you will be booked in for a discreet consultation.

Our consultations are always 100% personalized. In the long term, we will continue to be a resource for you to address your questions and concerns. For longer lasting results, we can also increase the strength of a treatment, number of sessions, and combine treatments if needed.

Our Process

Your Guide to Men Hormone Consultations

Step 01

Before the Consultation

Before you start any treatment, you will need to fill out an introduction questionnaire. You may have to do a few tests prior to your consultation such as blood tests. They help us determine your testosterone level. This information is needed to create a personalized treatment plan to help improve your concerns and achieve your desired results.

Step 02

During the Consultation

During your consultation, we will:

  • Review your medical history and look for risk of a heart attack, stroke, diabetes and prostate cancer
  • Do a symptom review to correlate with estrogen, progesterone or testosterone excess or deficiency
  • Do a physical exam to rule out contraindications (reasons NOT to use hormones)
  • Conduct investigations to check for risk of side effects
  • Review your blood, saliva or urine tests to quantify hormone levels
  • Discuss the pros and cons of various hormone regimes

Step 03

After the Second Consultation

The next step is to measure your hormone levels further. To see whether you have an actual deficiency of bioavailable testosterone and whether it will benefit you to begin a replacement therapy. After your consultation, we will check in with you the following day and schedule a few check-ins post your treatment. We do this to ensure you are doing well.


What is the Cost?

The initial health assessment is $1,600 which includes two 1-hour appointments spaced 2-3 months apart. 

Ongoing consultations are $800 per hour and can be scheduled as recommended by Dr. Frame.

New applicants are screened by Dr. Gidon Frame after filling out the Introduction Health Questionnaire. Once approved, applicants will receive an email from us with the next steps and the In-depth Health Questionnaire.

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