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Double Chin Be Gone – Belkyra and CoolSculpting

People of all weights and ages can have a double chin. It can even be passed down genetically, if your parent had one, you might as well. In the past, getting rid of a double chin has required either surgery or for some, significant weight loss.

Now, there are two, non-surgical options to reduce this unwanted fullness, Belkyra (AKA Kybella in the U.S.) and CoolSculpting.  Although these methods are completely different , they both are very effective.

What can be done for a double chin?


Belkyra is a permanent, fat dissolving and chin-sculpting injectable treatment. It uses a prescription medicine called deoxycholic acid to destroy fat cells so that they will no longer, store or accumulate fat. It is injected in a grid pattern under the chin and tailored for each patient to affect the areas with the most fullness.

An anesthetic cream is commonly used and left on for about 30 minutes to numb the skin’s sensitivity to the multiple injections in the treatment area.  The deoxycholic acid does have a burning sensation once injected, that can last about an hour. The area will be swollen and tender for about a week. Results can start being noticed within a month with final results at 3 months and often a second treatment is needed.


Another choice is CoolSculpting which most people associate with minimizing their tummy or love handles, but it is also an excellent treatment for double chin fullness and in many cases will help to tighten the skin as the fat disappears. It works on the premise of freezing fat cells to destroy them.

A small hand piece from a controlled cooling device uses strong suction to pull in the unwanted fat. Then, it gently and safely freezes the fat cells beneath the surface while leaving the skin and muscle unaffected. A comfortable, 40 minute treatment ends with a vigorous massage to break down the frozen cells (this can feel a bit spicy as they say) and although some swelling or bruising may result, it usually subsides within a week. Several treatments may also be needed, depending on how much fat you have.

There you go two simple, fast, mostly comfortable options – now go and get your jawline back!

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