Why choose Radiesse?

We speak often about “fillers” which do exactly what you think they would do…they fill areas below the skin to replace lost volume.

Why do we lose volume if our weight stays the same?
Over time our collagen breaks down in the skin and between that and the ever so unforgiving gravity, we are left with unwelcome sagging, lines and flattening of our features.
There are a few factors that move this process along more quickly such as sun exposure, extreme exercise, smoking, and glycation.

Most fillers are created from Hyaluronic acid which is found in your own body so they are safe and easily absorbed.

What is the difference between regular fillers and Radiesse?
Think of Radiesse as the construction crew that’s going in to build a scaffolding to support the structure known as ‘your aging face.’
This is a good thing!
Radiesse has calcium-based microspheres (similar to what is found in your bones and teeth) that work with your body encouraging tissue growth in and around the area where it is injected.

The water-based ‘filler’gel that the microspheres are suspended in gives you an instant result and begins to dissolve in 2-3 months… that’s when your own collagen starts creating new volume.
The gel is generally gone is 3-4 months and the new collagen is now formed.
At about 9-12 months the microspheres begin to metabolize and you are still left with whatever result your own collagen has produced. Because you are now left with a newly rejuvenated, thicker skin, your results can be seen for several years.

Like Botox, Radiesse has been used for decades for medical, therapeutic purposes so it well established, safe and long lasting.

Age is a state of mind. Aging is a treatable condition.

by M. Wally

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