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hosted by: Dr. Teri Fisher
Episode 4: Facial Balancing with Dina Wang of Anti-Aging Vancouver

Episode 4: What is Facial Balancing?

In this interview, Dina Wang, a nurse injector at Anti-Aging Medical and Laser Clinic in Vancouver, discusses her background in operating room nursing and how she got into the field of aesthetic medicine. She has been a full-time injector for six years and also teaches courses on fillers and Botox. Dina mentions that she enjoys this field because she finds it fulfilling when her patients are happy with their results and feel more confident. She also discusses her interest in facial balancing and how it can help to improve a patient’s overall appearance and symmetry.

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Today’s Guest

Dina Wang

I began my career in the field of anti-aging in 2019, and have found great fulfillment in the opportunity to learn and progress professionally. I am particularly gratified by the satisfaction and renewed confidence my patients express upon seeing the final results of their treatment. In my view, it is essential to have a genuine passion for one’s work, as this enables one to provide the best possible outcomes for clients. Additionally, I strongly believe that ongoing education and personal development are crucial in staying current and relevant within a constantly evolving industry. My goal is to attain a Master of Science in Nursing by the time I reach 50. During my leisure time, I enjoy going shopping, painting, and spending time with my family.

Key take aways


Episode Transcript

Anti-Aging Podcast 4

Teri Fisher: Hello and welcome to this podcast. I am really excited today to be able to spend some time chatting with Dina Wang, who is a nurse injector here at Anti-Aging Medical and Laser in Vancouver. And Dina has been wonderful to work with in the short time that I’ve been here so far, and I am just really excited to hear her take on the field of aesthetic medicine, and we’re gonna get into one of her particular interests in the form of facial balancing. So we will get into all of that. But first of all, I’d like to say hi to Dina and welcome her onto the podcast and give you a chance to introduce yourself. 

Dina Wang: Hi. Hi, Dr. Teri. Thank you so much for getting me on this show, and I got so excited. Hello. Hello everyone. This is Dina from Anti-Aging Medical and Laser Clinic. I’m the nurse injector, as Dr. Teri mentioned. My background’s OR nursing. So I’ve been doing operating room nurse more than a decade, 16 plus years. I love it. But now I’m full-time injector and also I’m teaching for fillers and Botox as well in BC. I’m full-time injecting for six plus years. It’s been a while. And so far I really enjoyed it. I feel like, oh my God, I feel so lucky. I can work at Anti-Aging, I can work with Teri, I can work with Dr. Frame. So yeah, this is me. Yeah, so happy to be here. 

Teri Fisher: Fantastic. We’re happy to have you here. I was wondering if you could tell us a little bit about that transition. How did you get into this field and why did you get into this field? 

Dina Wang: Okay, well that’s a long story, but long story short, because I’ve been working in the OR before, so I know a couple of Plastic surgeons. So, they’re always talking about, okay, you know, we’re doing some plastic surgeries, facial lifts and maybe combine combination with injectables. And I got so interesting in that injectable treatment. So one day actually we chatted a little bit in the OR in the lounge, and they’re saying, hey Dina, are you really, do wanna get into that field? You can become a nurse injector. I said, wow, really? A nurse can inject? And nurse saying, absolutely you can. So basically that’s how I got into it. Then I take a course and then I get trained. Then there you go. I’m here.

Teri Fisher: Fantastic. Now that you’re doing it, you’re obviously very happy doing it. I’ve seen you work, and your patients love you. They always have the best things to say about you. What do you love about it? Why do you continue to do this? 

Dina Wang: Well, I feel initially when I’m doing the job, being honestly, I feel okay. Hospital job is quite stressful and just being honest. I’m a really transparent person, honest person, and I wanna take something a little bit different. You know, you’ve been doing one job for more than a decade, you wanna try something new. This is just my personality. I always try something new to, get fresh mind. I say, oh, I’m so interested in cosmetic, then I get into this field as I mentioned. And later on I thought, oh my God, after I inject patient and they’re super happy, I feel I can do something. So if you go into the higher level, it’s kind of like a spiritual health, right? Also a patient called antidepressant injection. Basically, if they’re feeling a little bit depressed or they have some emotional stress, they come to my chair, treatment chair, just saying, Dina, let’s do something on my face. They can bring theirs a little bit confident up and they’re feeling happy. Afterwards, they want to see the result, they’re showing the result in the mirror and they look at theirself. They have sometimes happy tears, and they’re super happy, and I feel like I really satisfied for my job. You can do something to make this world a little bit better than how I found it. So I feel like it’s quite meaningful. Does it make sense? 

Teri Fisher: It makes a lot of sense and it’s such an important thing ’cause then, if I’m hearing you correctly, what I hear is you do these treatments, but it actually helps them psychologically as well. 

Dina Wang: Exactly. Exactly. That’s what I mean. Because in our life we’re dealing with a lot of things, like we’re talking about health issues, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and we’re doing cosmetic injectables. You’re not only bring the patient, like slow down the aging, but also you’re dealing with the mental health or emotional health as well, personally for myself too.

Teri Fisher: That’s fantastic. I love that. So I want to talk about one of the aspects of the aesthetic medicine that you’re interested in, and that has to do with the concept of facial balancing. So perhaps you could explain a little bit to the listeners, what does that mean? How do you define that and why is it important? 

Dina Wang: Okay. So, if couple years ago, Dr. Teri, you asked me the same question, which treatment you like the most? Probably I would say, oh, I love lip injection. You can give a juicy, sexy lips for a patient. They’re super happy. Or I can say, oh, I love cheeks, a little bit defined, more contour your face. But after years experience, what I find from a patient, if they following me for years coming back to you, you look at them. If you only see one part of their face, you’re missing something. You’re missing that harmony of the face. You need to see this face like a whole face. Well, same when we’re talking about health issue. We see a patient as a whole person. We talk about patient centered care. We’re talking about, a prevention treatment. That’s a whole person holistic care. So same as a facial injection. You see that face as a harmony. So, personally, I turn some patient away because the patient come back to me every month. They’re looking for a lip injection every month, so you only see the lips on their face. They don’t see other problems or other concerns. So I definitely talk to them and say, hey probably you need to wait for a little bit longer, at least six months before coming back to see me. And they’re saying no, no, no. Dina, you did a really fantastic job on my lips. I love it. But personally, I think this is my business card. I don’t want you to walk around showing the big lips and just one part of your face and saying, oh, Dina did a good job. Because I want you to see your whole face, like a balancing face and harmony face. And I also called airbrushing, like we talk about today. So do a little bit like a temple, cheeks and tear trough. Maybe a little bit draw lines, so it’s still you. I don’t wanna change the person to another person. Keep you as yourself and because you’re beautiful the way you are. But just wanna make you look fresh and look like you had 30 hours sleep last night, look like you had a vacation. You know, people see you, oh, you look so good. But they cannot tell, what did you get it done? They cannot tell. Maybe change some hairs and do some facials before. That’s a whole point. 

Teri Fisher: Yeah. That’s great. That makes a lot of sense. From what I’m hearing you say and again, when I’ve seen you work, I think a lot of it has to do with educating the patient then, because sometimes they come in, like you say, and they may only be focused on one thing, but I think the consultation has a lot to do with education. How do you feel about that? 

Dina Wang: I totally agree. Absolutely, a hundred percent. Because sometime patient got a lot of information from the website, from Dr. Google’s, and or from the friends, from Instagrams. And now, nowadays, the social media really misleading that point. You don’t wanna really everybody look the same or you need to Russian lips or huge lips or higher cheekbone. Everybody, don’t do cookie cutter or just one thing. You see everybody does the same on the Instagram. Actually, they were filtered already. Probably you don’t know that. And I like to see my patient as individualized treatment plan and educate my patient. But still I wanna talk to my patient. What’s your concern? It’s not what I want, it’s what patient wants. So then we can make a discussion and we can make same treatment plan with the patient together, also within your budget. So budget, also another issue, education, budget, also the goal, what you have, then make a treatment plan a step by step.

Teri Fisher: That’s great. Yeah. That makes perfect sense. Before we wrap up, I just wanna say we are so lucky to have you as an injector. I’ve learned so much from you already being around the clinic. I know that you also are involved with training and you teach through, through CBAM and some other resources. I wonder if you can just tell us a little bit about the things that you do outside of the clinic that then you can bring back those skills and I know teaching is one of them. 

Dina Wang: Thank you, Dr. Teri. I love working with you as well. Yes, I’ve been teaching at CBAM, so Canadian Board of Aesthetic Medicine and also Clarion Medical for train as a injectable trainers in BC. I love teaching. That’s a part of it, even when back in the OR I was the preceptor for all the student as well during that time. So I personally, I learned a lot from teaching, when I talk to the patient. I always can learn something from the new, the novice injectors. I don’t see myself as an instructor. I don’t see myself as a teacher, but I see myself as sharing a little pearls experience with the novice injector. And also we can learn from each other as well. So that part is valuable. So I really enjoyed it. And also I met a lot of new people, a lot of new friends. Personality wise and myself, I love to interact with people. So yeah. 

Teri Fisher: That’s wonderful. That’s wonderful. Well, I think we’ll wrap things up here for the sake of time. Thank you, first of all for taking some of your time to chat with us on the podcast. It’s wonderful. As I said, my experience in seeing patients speak about you is incredible. They love you and I know they’re constantly referring people to see you, so that’s absolutely incredible. 

Dina Wang: Thank you so much Dr. Teri for having me here on a show. 

Teri Fisher: Well, yes, it’s been a pleasure and I’m wondering, Dina, if you can also just share some ways that people can get in touch with you if they want to speak with you or perhaps even book a consultation with you. What are the best ways that people can contact you? 

Dina Wang: Absolutely. Yeah, people can find me on my Instagram, so you can follow me, @dina_nurse_injector, and on my Instagram you can DM me any questions you have. Or you can follow Anti-Aging Medical and Laser Clinic Instagram. The handle is @antiagingvan. @AntiAgingVan. So be free to contact me or if you have any questions, be free to join the clinic and give you a free consultation. Stay beautiful. Stay safe. 

Teri Fisher: So I hope you enjoyed that conversation with Dina. It was wonderful to be able to chat with her. As you can hear, she’s got so much experience, so much expertise, and she’s a wonderful person to work with. Her patients absolutely love her, and so I would encourage you to contact her or the anti-Aging Medical Clinic to find out more about how she can help you. Thanks again for tuning into this week’s podcast, and I look forward to chatting with you again next week. Talk to you soon.

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