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The Benefits of Buying Skin Care at a Doctor’s Office

Is there a difference between skin care products that you purchase from a department store or a pharmacy and what you will find in a doctor’s office?

On the market now, you will find skin care which is referred to as medical grade or cosmeceuticals. These products offer unique formulations that bridge the gap between traditional skin care and medical expertise. Let’s explore these options and discover the potential benefits they can provide for your skin.

What are cosmeceuticals?

Cosmeceuticals are products which are a blend of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals which claim to have medicinal properties. By legal definition, a cosmetic is a substance intended to beautify your skin, whereas a drug (or pharmaceutical) is intended to change the structure or function of your skin.

“Cosmeceuticals will contain active ingredients that are known to be beneficial to humans in some way, For example, Vitamin C is a known antioxidant and when this is added to a lotion or cream the product is considered a cosmeceutical.”

Marie Jhin, MD, a dermatologist in San Francisco.

Many of these products contain certain active ingredients which are stronger and more effective and when sold ethically, require a trained professional to be responsible for informing the client of the proper usage of that product.

What about glycolic acid and retinol?

In the late 1980’s, as the baby boomers were beginning to age, we started seeing strong ingredients in low dosages such as glycolic acid and retinol come to the forefront as they were delivering superior results to skin care on the shelves at that time. Now, with the internet, the general public has access to glycolic acid at a 50% strength which can easily burn and permanently scar skin if used incorrectly, as well Retin-A which can result in serious abnormalities in the fetus of pregnant women.

Many companies that make cosmeceuticals, make exaggerated claims as they are not subject to approval by the governing public safety bodies such as the FDA in the U.S.A. or Health Canada. So even though a product is sold in a spa does not mean that it has scientific studies backing up its claims nor does it mean that it is safe.

On the contrary, skin treatment clinics overseen by doctors offer not only cosmeceuticals but also prescription-strength skin care products which are not available in stores or spas lacking a medical director. This crucial distinction empowers doctors to provide you with the strongest and most effective skin care tailored to your specific needs, whether it’s anti-aging, acne treatment, or addressing pigmentation concerns. They possess the vital knowledge and information you require to make informed decisions.

Responsible doctors meticulously select skin care products for their clinics based on scientific data, prioritizing efficacy over superficial qualities. This ensures that you can trust the product’s effectiveness and avoid wasting your hard-earned money on cheaper alternatives found at drugstores, which often fail to deliver desired results.

When doctors introduce a new line of skin care, they and their staff undergo comprehensive training on potential side effects, appropriate patient selection, proper dosage, and safe protocols. Their expertise encompasses an in-depth understanding of skin types, skin function, product ingredients, and how these elements can benefit you.

Moreover, doctors possess the invaluable advantage of repeated interactions with their patients and extensive experience in addressing a variety of skin concerns. They genuinely care about your well-being and maintain a vested interest in their own reputation. Rest assured, they will never recommend products that have proven ineffective in the past. In fact, they carefully curate their product offerings, exclusively choosing those that have demonstrated remarkable results. With a doctor’s guidance, you can trust that your skin care regimen is backed by their expertise and a commitment to delivering optimal outcomes.

When it comes to your precious face, the stakes are high. Don’t gamble with your hard-earned money or take unnecessary risks with subpar products. Entrust your skin care journey to the wisdom of medical professionals and their experienced staff, rather than relying on Suzy from the make-up counter at your local drugstore. Let their expertise guide you towards the most suitable and effective skin care choices. After all, the right decisions today will reward you with radiant skin tomorrow. Prioritize your skin’s well-being and embrace the power of professional guidance for a truly remarkable transformation.

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