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The Power of Chemical Peels to Improve Skin Appearance

Chemical Peels are a Cost-Effective Way to Improve Your Skin’s Appearance

Chemical peels are one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways to improve the appearance and integrity of one’s skin. Known to treat a variety of concerns including fine lines, uneven tone, texture, and pore size – their popularity is ever expanding in the world of skincare. 

The fundamental objective of a chemical peel is to remove dead layers of surface skin and stimulate cellular turnover. This is achieved when varying acids are applied to the treated area over the course of twenty to thirty minutes. While this treatment is non-invasive and relatively straightforward, here is some important information you will benefit from knowing prior to your first peel.  

We Determine the Potency of the Chemical Peel Suited for Your Skin

As a physician directed clinic, our chemical peel offerings range in strength from mild to aggressive. The condition of your skin will determine the potency of the peel that is used. This will be up to the discretion of the technician performing the treatment, following a comprehensive skin analysis. 

Milder Chemical Peels

Milder peels such as the SkinCeuticals Micropeel and ZO Stimulator are excellent selections for those with sensitive and reactive skin. Offering an immediate glow and rejuvenation of a dull complexion, these peels don’t necessitate any downtime. This makes them the perfect treatment leading up to an important event and can even be performed on the same day. 

Stronger Chemical Peels

Stronger peels such as The Jessner Plus from Viver are typically followed by 3-5 days of dryness. It is not uncommon for the surface layer of your skin to flake during this time, revealing healthier skin underneath. Following any chemical peel treatment, it is important to increase moisture levels in the skin by using hydrating products. 

Serums that are packed with hyaluronic acid, and rich moisturizers are going to be your best friends. Nothing however will be more vital than the use of SPF. Following a chemical peel, the skin will experience increased sensitivity to sunlight, meaning it is at higher risk. In addition to being diligent with SPF, it is also recommended that sun exposure be kept to a minimum. 

Our team of skincare consultants will be able to set you up with an appropriate post care routine following your treatment. 

Chemical Peels Can be Used on Almost on Any Area of the Body

Chemical peels are not only limited to the face, and can be used on almost any area of the body! It is not uncommon to perform them on surfaces that are difficult to exfoliate, and oftentimes neglected. This most commonly includes the back, which can frequently be disposed to acne. 

Exfoliating ingredients such as salicylic acid are tremendous at unclogging pores, aiding in the improvement of both acne and acne scars. Other treatable areas include the back of the hands, arms, legs and chest. With all of this being said, not everyone is a suitable candidate for a chemical peel. 

Those who are on certain medications and have a family history of keloids are cautioned to stay away from medical peels. Speak with one of our professionals about your candidacy over a complimentary consultation and learn how a chemical peel can benefit you. 

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