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How to make your face smooth?

This blog breaks down all there is to know about how to make your face smooth and the influence it reigns on the appearance of our skin.

When you think of beautiful skin, chances are that an even tone and smooth complexion are two qualities that come to mind. An adversary to many, this blog will break down all there is to know about texture, and the influence it reigns on the appearance of our skin. 

What is skin texture

So, what is textured skin? Simply put, texture is a term that is used to describe any concern that causes our skin to look less smooth. It can present in the form of rough dry patches, flaky skin, and most commonly small bumps. To properly understand this condition, it is important to grasp how and why texture occurs in the first place. More often times than not, texture is caused when dead cells build up on the surface of the skin. Any skincare enthusiast will know that there are three primary layers of the skin: The Epidermis, Dermis and Hypodermis. The outmost layer, the Epidermis is made up and composed of five layers itself. This is where dead skin cells are known to accumulate, resulting in a textured appearance. While it is safe to say that this is the primary cause of texture, factors including excessive sun exposure, genetic conditions and environment all contribute.  

Best products for skin texture

If the buildup of dead skin cells is the primary cause of texture, how do we go about refining this concern? Exfoliating on a regular basis is one of the most rudimentary ways to keep dead skin cells at bay. The Exfoliating polish from ZO Skin Health is one of the most popular physical exfoliators on the market. It’s ultra-fine magnesium crystals scale away dead cells, increasing epidermal turnover to restore a smooth texture. Integrating this step into your skincare routine will offer noticeable results when used as directed. 

In addition, the use of a Vitamin C is of the utmost importance. The high acidity of this product stabilizes and increases the integrity of both collagen and elastin. Studies show that consistent use of a Vitamin C has proven to benefit the overall appearance and texture of skin in as little as three months. Not to mention, antioxidants provide an added layer of protection from UV’s, making them essential in every morning skincare routine. Both SkinCeuticals and Vivier are known for their range of antioxidant products that target different skin types. 

How to get rid of textured skin

In clinic treatments is where the most dramatic results will be achieved. Microneedling is one of the most popular solutions, and offers an overall rejuvenation for the skin including but not limited to texture. Through the use of flow needle technology, radiofrequency is delivered into the dermis layer through forty-nine microscopic needles causing a microinjury. This in turn triggers the body to naturally heal itself by producing collagen to repair said injuries. Despite the effectiveness of microneedling, there is close to no downtime meaning you can resume normal activity immediately following the treatment.  

Other options include the Halo, a Hybrid Fractional Laser that restores the natural health and integrity of the skin. This laser is most commonly used amongst patients whose primary concerns are centered around texture, as it is a skin resurfacing treatment. Multiple wavelengths are used to target both superficial and deeper layers simultaneously. Similar to microneedling, this process causes the body to naturally heal, prompting new cells to grow and replace the ones that have been lasered. The technology is so effective that oftentimes only one treatment is required to remedy textural concerns. 

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