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Lip Fillers a Natural Way to Enhance Your Lips

It isn’t a secret that within the last ten years, the popularity of lip filler has risen to new heights. Why is this you may ask? Well for starters, endorsement from celebrities and our favourite social media personalities have played a significant role in the growing demand for lip enhancing treatments. Not to mention, advancement in cosmetic medicine has made achieving the perfect pout accessible and affordable for many. A report from Grand View Research found that lip augmentation treatments are expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 9.5% until the year 2027. Since it looks like lip filler is set to hold its title as the trending treatment of this decade, let’s dive into everything you need to know before joining the movement. 

Russian Lips? Desired Lip Shape Influenced by Style and Fashion

Throughout history, art, fashion and media have dictated beauty standards and ideals. Since the rise of lip augmentation treatments, our clinic has received requests for just about every lip shape and size imaginable. Few however have been as highly requested as the Russian lip. A lot of us are familiar with the highly sought after heart shaped face, which is regarded by many to represent a youthful and attractive appearance. The aim of the Russian lip is to achieve a comparable shape for the mid face, loosely drawing inspiration from the traditional Russian doll set. Vertical height and a pronounced cupid’s bow are the distinguishing features that set this lip apart from others. Our team of cosmetic injectors have developed refined techniques that allow them to consistently achieve this desired shape. Vertical struts as opposed to a horizontal line is the preferred injection method to achieve this lifted, voluminous look. After years of performing this technique, Medical Director Dr. Frame maintains that results are most noticeable when firmer fillers such as Kysse and Volift are used. Generally speaking, those who naturally possess a generous upper lip and are looking for a luscious, sexy appearance are great candidates for the Russian lip. As our clinic is committed to always achieving natural results, this technique is not suitable and recommended for everyone. Those who have a smaller upper lip and are looking to add more volume will likely be guided in another direction. Thankfully, there are a plethora of alternatives and techniques that can be used to achieve each patient’s specific goals which will be discussed throughout this blog. 

Lip Flip A Blossoming Trend to Enhance Your Lips

While The Russian Lip technique is fitting for those with a reasonably liberal set of lips, what are those who don’t fit into this category ought to do? One of the blossoming trends we have seen emerge in the world of lip enhancements is the lip flip. Just as its name suggests, this technique strives to invert and flip an area of the lip that naturally curls in. For most people, this tends to be the outer corners of the upper lip, with common complaints consisting of a gummy smile. 

But how does the lip flip actually work? Commonly – neuromodulator (botox) is injected into the orbicularis oris muscle that runs around the circumference of the mouth. Successfully relaxing the outer upper part of this muscle with neuromodulator will encourage the lip to overturn. Consequently, more pink flesh will display, offering the appearance of fuller outer edges. To simplify, there is a muscle that pulls the lip down, and another which holds it up. Successfully relaxing the downward pulling muscle will allow for the upward one to in turn flip up. Once this has been achieved, it is not uncommon to combo treat with filler to further accentuate and extend results. In fact, oftentimes after a lip flip, filler is required in the bottom lip to match the patient’s new upper lip shape. 

Lip Fillers for Natural Results Relevant to Culture Preference

Historically speaking, there are certain lip styles and shapes that are relevant to specific cultures and races. This is something that our staff is very cognisant of, and pays close attention to when treating patients. On average, people of African and Asian descent naturally possess a larger upper lip. This in turn allows them to support greater amounts of filler while still maintaining a culturally appropriate look. On the other hand, caucasians are susceptible to having thinner lips, making them at greater risk of looking overfilled. While there isn’t a universal chart that outlines a specific lip shape for each culture, our injectors have always strived to achieve the most natural looking results for all of our patients.  

A general rule of thumb that our cosmetic injectors like to follow when treating the lips is abiding to the golden ratio. Derived from classic European beauty, this ratio recommends an upper to bottom lip proportion of 1:1.6.  While many people feel that this classic approach is the most visually appealing, others prefer different fashions and shapes. After extensive counseling and consultation, we are almost always able to tailor a lip design to suit your taste. 

Aging Lips Deflate and Become More Thin 

Just as the skin on our face and body change over time (in ways we want to reverse), the same is unfortunately true for the lips. With age, it is not uncommon for the lips to slowly deflate, become more thin and lose their borders. Although the rate at which this happens will vary from person to person, this typically starts in one’s late 20’s to early 30’s when collagen production begins to decrease. Furthermore, signs of aging in the lips will be more pronounced in some areas over others. The part of your lips where the first signs of aging are noticed will be the best indicator for where filler and added volume are needed. 

One of the most common signs of lip aging is referred to as smokers lines or barcode lines, which present in the form of vertical lines running from the upper lip to the bottom of the nose. Women are much more prone to these lines as men are relatively protected by upper lip hair follicles that stiffen the skin and prevent loss of elasticity. Use of filler can successfully  re-establish the border of the lips, minimizing this unflattering appearance. Medical Director Dr. Frame finds that using a soft filler with a cannula just above the lip is most effective at strengthening this area.

While filler is a great solution for this concern, nothing compares to combination treatments. The Halo, which is a hybrid fractional laser, or the Infini RF Microneedling are both successful at targeting these fine lines by resurfacing and tightening the skin. When used in conjunction with filler, these treatments completely reverse the process of aging above the lips. 

Lip Enhancing and Care Products

Most of us follow a strict AM and PM skincare routine that has been individualized to our skin type… but how many of us incorporate lip care into these routines? Chances are, you are a lot more diligent with your face and neck care than you are your lips. What many of us forget to remember is that the skin on our lips is different from the rest of our face. It is significantly thinner, meaning that it is more prone to dryness and environmental damage. Moisturizing with a hydrating balm throughout the day is a great place to start, and should be the bare minimum in your lip care routine.

A must have lip product that the staff at Anti-Aging Vancouver can’t live without is the antioxidant lip repair from SkinCeuticals. This emollient product is packed with vitamin e and silymarin to help prevent environmental damage, while restoring moisture and smoothness to the lips. After all, why go to the effort and expense of achieving a lip shape you have always dreamed of, if you don’t follow up by using a product that will maintain the integrity and health of your new lips. 

In addition to this product, it is common for patients to add a lip perk onto their monthly Hydrafacial. This exfoliating treatment removes the surface layer of dead skin cells, and is jam packed with antioxidants that are vital for the lips. The lip perk has been proven to actually enhance the effects of lip filler, as the Hyaluronic acid in the serum of the lip perk attracts the HA in your filler which adds a plumping effect. 

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